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The Internet - shops. Whether it is worth using them?

the Internet - shops quickly enough won popularity. We order there already practically everything, beginning from souvenirs, equipment, clothes, spare parts and finishing with products. Such shops have many advantages before usual, but also at them there is a lot of shortcomings.

We will consider both the positive, and negative moments and we will try to make the accurate scheme of safe use of this look the Internet - services.

The positive moments at the order in virtual shop:

1. We can choose goods and order it from the house. It is not necessary to go on different supermarkets and shopping centers, to spend time and forces, to reel up tens of kilometers. And, by the way, not always voyage behind some concrete thing comes to an end with purchase - happens that tens of shops bypassed, and nothing was pleasant or approached at the price. And in the Internet - shop everything is simple - sit to yourself, press the buttons and consider a thing from different foreshortenings, ask the price.

2. Home delivery or there where it is convenient to you to receive purchase (for example, for work). The vast majority of the large websites carry out this service. As a last resort, it is necessary to go to the nearest post office.

3. Reasonable price. We can buy something similar that was seen in shop, or almost the same, but is much cheaper. It is easy to explain it - the goods get to shop, having passed a huge number of orders and transfers, the price from initial is sometimes wound twice, and even it is more and when we order on the Internet, the goods go straight almost always from a warehouse and the margin includes only packing and sending.

4. Especially it should be noted such service as “at first goods, then money“. Many large the Internet - shops began to practice an incredibly easy to use thing. Process of purchase looks so: you order, but pay nothing, the courier brings you goods on the house, you get acquainted with a desirable thing in more detail and pay, but can refuse. It can be made if the thing does not correspond to the description, the size does not approach, rejected and just it was not pleasant. However, so to do, it is necessary to order previously in this shop for a certain sum with an advance payment. For example, you already ordered much on this resource and the total amount of your purchases - 1000 c.u., now issue you the status of “dear buyer“ and allow to order further without advance payment.

And now we will talk about shortcomings the Internet - orders:

1. Long delivery. The maximum term practically everywhere - 45 days until it expires, you have no right to make some complaint. During the hot periods, for example, before New Year, this term can be increased by shop till 60 days. To you, maybe, will also carry, and you receive ordered quickly, but always you should not count on it.

2. Even if you attentively considered goods close up, there is a probability of purchase of “pig in a poke“. Especially it concerns clothes and footwear. Often the thing looks at all not as on the picture. Happens that you ordered brightly - a pink blouse, and received faintly - lilac - whether the photo was low-quality, whether were mistaken with the indication of color.

3. The goods can be lost! Nearly 100% are a guarantee that money will return or will send the order anew, but nerves - that nobody will return to you … The thing can be rejected or deteriorate on the road - what to do in this case, we will talk a little later.

And now we will discuss, as is correct to choose the Internet - shop, to order a thing necessary and cheap and not to be deceived .

1. It is the best of all to order on the most known resources. They do not guarantee ideal service too, but the probability of unsuccessful purchase is very small, and the chance of “kidalov“ in general is equal to zero.

2. Order something where for a long time and often your acquaintances buy. There is no recommendation better, than personal.

3. Do not buy small things on one piece. The parcel size is less, the chance is more that it will be lost on the road. At me personally disappeared several small posylochek, however, some sent repeatedly, for other money returned, but it was very unpleasant. Since then I try to unite trifles like ringlets, styluses and hairpins in one order.

4. At the choice of shop pay attention to a payment method. Payment through bank is unreliable and workers of this sphere will forgive me, it is also inconvenient to use services of PayPal, I will explain why. They will transfer money, but if the parcel is lost, tiresome correspondence and a refund are necessary to you will drag on for long time. The most accurate service in respect of a refund, in my opinion and according to friends - WebMoney, with them never problems was.

5. Check such sections as “Hot discounts“, “Festive sales“, “A seasonal collapse in prices“. There it is possible “to catch“ something quite good with a notable discount, the clothes and the footwear “not during a season“ can be bought often in two - three times cheaper.

6. Read responses of buyers and forums. You chose the cheap tablet, but in all responses about is mute write that weak accumulators. Or you want to order shoes, and those who already bought, complain that the specified size does not coincide with real. In the same way it is possible to choose according to reviews something good if these responses only positive.

7. You watch closely delivery period. As soon as there passed the maximum time - write to a support service, complain at a website forum. You do not ask - demand that returned you money or sent goods anew. If you show persistence and will hollow every day a resource complaints, your requirements will be fulfilled - large shops value reputation and, as a rule, quickly react to loss or a delay of goods.

8. Do not do orders on holidays. The websites and delivery services during these periods are overloaded with orders, delivery can significantly drag on.

8. Open expensive thing directly when receiving and write down this process on video surely! If the goods rejected or broke on the road, in the presence of record you have real chances goods to receive repeatedly or to return money.

Also you share experience of use the Internet - shops. Finally - to all of us pleasant and useful purchases!