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Recipe of preparation of cottage cheese

Good afternoon friends! you never reflected to become a cheese maker? Well and in vain! The piece of Dutch cheese of house production or salty sheep cheese, will be as it is impossible by the way to a morning cup of coffee. The recipe of preparation of cottage cheese, only seems very difficult at first sight - actually everything is much simpler. Process of preparation of cheese will not take you a lot of time and podkisshy milk will where apply.

The recipe of preparation of house Golandsky with a yra

This recipe of cottage cheese, has to surprise you pleasantly with the ease of preparation and the simplicity.

We take:

3 liters of
milk of 2 kg of
1 cottage cheese
egg of 100 g of the
1/2 butter of h l.
soda &ndash salt; to taste
we Prepare

1. First of all bring milk to boiling and put cottage cheese, previously having kneaded it. Further lower fire and, constantly stirring slowly, you weary. You weary until contents of your pan not to share on two parts, on whey and on the cheese reminding on a consistence so far only flakes . Cast away cheese on drushlak and press, all serum so will flow down.

2. In a separate pan kindle oil, add cheese to the kindled oil and stir slowly on moderate fire. Then add egg, soda and salt, and again well mix everything.

3. When cheese will begin to remind the shaken-up cream on a consistence and will begin to get thick, switch off fire. Now it will be necessary to wait when all weight slightly - slightly cools down and then to lay out it on a table. Knead the cheese, give it the necessary form, turn in food wrap and put in the refrigerator.

Cottage cheese in multivar ke

If at you &ndash milk turned sour; then it is a remarkable opportunity to make cottage cheese.

We take:

1 liter of
1 milk
1 egg of h l. we Prepare for

1. Shake up egg with salt, mix with sour milk and pour out in a crock-pot bowl. Install the timer in the « mode; » pie; for 20 minutes.

2. Further a gauze we dim a pan in several layers or establish drushlak and pour out contents of a bowl in a pan. Wrap cheese in a gauze and put at several o`clock under oppression. Cheese will turn out by land if to take oppression longer, then more liquid will come out cheese.

3. And if to you to taste softer and elastic cheese, then after oppression kill him in serum which was emitted approximately for 1,5 - 2 hours.

Cheese sheep cheese in house a condition yakh. we Take


2 liters of
milk of 400 g of the
sour cream of 6 pieces of
2 eggs table. we Prepare for l of

the Recipe of preparation of
1 cottage cheese. To boil milk with salt, further to shake up eggs with sour cream and to mix with milk. On moderate fire to bring to boiling, constantly stirring slowly that milk stvorozhitsya and from it serum separated.

2. Take drushlak put on it several layers of a gauze and pour out the turned-out mix. When serum flows down, wrap sheep cheese in a gauze and clean under oppression for 6 - 7 hours or for the night. After that put cheese in the refrigerator.