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How DEPECHE MODE wrote down “Violator“ and became supergroup?

K behind the back of DEPECHE MODE were 1990 already tens of hits, successful albums, crowds of fans and the perfected corporate style. Perhaps the only thing they did not have that - it is the status of “supergroup“. That is, such group which songs to a soreness of the mouth make advances radio stations and ruddy housewives at their sounds begin to finger hair curlers: “Oh, I know this song! Who sings it? Whether CHILDREN of HONEYCOMBS? Ah, no, DEPE ShMOT!“. to

Record which transferred DEPECHE MODE to new level the seventh became i>

of “Enjoy The Silence“ (1990) (!) on the account an album with the name “Violator“, i.e. “Violator“ (musicians parodied names of a heva - metal groups and plates) and the bloody rose on a black background which right there became a symbol of group.
this plate contained two megahits by which and nowadays recognize group: “Personal Jesus“ (about which I already wrote) and “Enjoy The Silence“.

If the song about personal Jesus was radical and heavy, then “Enjoy The Silence“, on the contrary, left easy and air. However, such it became by no means not at once. In a demo - the version the Mountain the song sounded traditionally sadly and could fill up a rich arsenal of beautiful, but depressive creations with the DISPATCH. You can find this sad “demo“ under the name “Enjoy The Silence (harmonium version)“ and compare to the end result which arose under pressure of group.

Andy Fletcher:
“We just from the first listening for the first time in life understood that we do a hit. Nobody in it doubted“.

In Alan Uaydler`s hands of composition was considerably accelerated, and arrangement became brighter and if it in general is applicable for DEPECHE MODE, “light“. And the producer Mark Ellis advised to add that unpretentious solo on a guitar which immediately became the most memorable song “highlight“.

The name of a song is often translated as “Enjoy silence“ though it would be more correct to translate “Enjoy silence“.

Words violently of
Destroy silence,
In my small world!.
Hurting me, Piercing with
me. Really you cannot understand
Oh, my little girl...

Everything that I ever wished,
All I ever needed,
Here, in my hands...
of the Word are absolutely optional.
They can only spoil all...

On one of the most memorable songs DEPECHE MODE shot also one of the most memorable clips. However, when Anton Korbayn suggested to dress up the vocalist Gahan in a cardboard crown and a cloak and to force to go with a folding stool, other members of group got with laughter. But the director insisted on the vision - a pier, the speech in the clip will go about the king who has everything, but cannot find for itself a quiet place.

As a result the idea was pleasant to all, except Gahan. And not for nothing. If other musicians popozirovat only half an hour in front of chambers in studio - and ran up, then to Dave six days with a film crew in picturesque places of Portugal, Scotland and Switzerland were necessary to travel about.
at the very end of the shootings which were taking place in the Alps, did not sustain Gahan`s nerves. He pulled down the crown on the head of the producer of video Richard Bella, threw off a cloak and told: “I was already enough, now you work“. Then got on the helicopter and departed to get warm to hotel. As a result the role of the “king“ climbing at the end of the clip a snow-covered slope was played by Bell.

Dave Gahan: “I was so angry
on this mad Dutch! You imagine, he forced me to gad on these foolish mountains with this foolish chair, on this foolish frost! Having caught cold, I so became angry that spat all this and went to hotel... But what the clip turned out, and?!! This my most beloved video, devil take it!!!“

of Burden and deprivation during shootings of “Enjoy The Silence“ were worth it. The clip drew attention even stronger to a single therefore the song occupied 6 - e the place in Britain and 8 - e in the USA (the only hit with the DISPATCH in the American TOP10).

By the way, on an album “Enjoy The Silence“ does not break, and smoothly passes into a peculiar interlude where it is possible to hear how Gahan plays the guitar (!) also the slowed-down sample of a voice of Fletcher saying “Crucified“ (Crucified) sounds.

And on March 19, 1990 there was “Violator“.
It is no secret that one - two megahits can quite extend also a mediocre album. It does not belong to “Violator“. In it at least two more hits - “World In My Eyes“ and “Policy Of Truth“ with an infectious sample a slide - guitars (not without reason musicians touched tens of options in search of this “highlight“).
A in general a plate is good practically with the first and to the last song.

As a result of “Violator“ with a copies of 7 million copies was sold, there was No. 7 in America, and in Britain did not reach top absolutely slightly - slightly, having occupied 2 - e the place.
of DEPECHE MODE became supergroup though it is not so strong to it and were delighted.

Martin Gore:
“Until we always normally were on sale, did not complain of absence of attention, existed to ourselves very quietly and disturbed nobody. And suddenly “Violator“ shot... In America it became simply megapopulyaren. And pressure upon us instantly doubled after its exit. No. Trebled“.

it would Seem to

of “I Feel You“ (1993) what to do to the group which was at the culmination end of the resources of development? Correctly, to experiment. To do what to it was earlier unusual.
it the following album DEPECHE MODE “Songs of Faith and Devotion“ (1993) left. Ambiguous, atypical where there is a lot of guitar unusual for DISPATCHES where is live drums, live string and there is even the Irish delay.

Martin Gore:
“We began to turn into what protested on the first albums against. It was cheerful“.

the Striking example of metamorphoses. Also the image of the vocalist presented in Korbayn`s clip was unusual - the romantic young man in a leather jacket was replaced by unshaven hairy and very thin macho in a striped three-piece suit.

Alan Wilder:
“The fact that the track considerably differed from what we did earlier was the main cause for the choice. We hoped, it will surprise people and will force them to become interested in other things from an album“.

the Album left on the wave of success of “Violator“ therefore, despite the not typicalness, without problems won first place both in Britain, and in the USA.

The classical period of DEPECHE MODE after which there will come the time of troubles comes to an end with this album. In 1995 the group will be left by Alan Uaydler. David Gahan will finally fall into a narcotic dope, will endure clinical death then all - will be restored to life.

DEPECHE MODE not only will find forces to continue to create, but also will do it successfully. Their albums still do not lie too long on shelves, and hits sound from screens and radio receivers. And worthy, it is necessary to tell, hits...