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Forum of Kultura channel - the shoemaker`s wife is the worst shod

For a long time in every possible way I propagandize the channel culture. I consider extremely necessary development and promoting of science, culture and education. On the channel the Academy project is a lot of fine programs for example. on which prominent scientists act. Therefore I recommend to all and itself saw practical all releases. Nevertheless, as they say, there is a fly in the ointment. On it I also wanted will stop since I consider that some moments discredit the channel, do its work to less effective and eventually mislead the audience.
On some moments I not once stopped in other articles. Though, of course, in transfers there was a lot of an informative and useful information which tried to cover too. Nevertheless, placed emphasis on blunders, and also advised how it is worth improving a forum of TV channel that the audience could discuss video. But a number of extremely negative moments with roused me to writing of this material. Namely
Removal of posts on the channel culture. not the first day at forums and already about ten years actively them I use
Ya for communication and publication of any information. Therefore how to behave at a forum perfectly I understand and I know. All know that a spaming, trolling and flood are angry enemies of forums since information thanks to them sinks in garbage and becomes inaccessible. There are also other problems less rare, but also dangerous are an incitement of racial hatred, personal insults etc. But unfortunately the most terrible enemy of a forum is illiterate moderators. They are the most dangerous problem. As all know that it is impossible to argue with moderators. Though in disputable situations it is possible will address administrators of a forum. How to address administrators I did not find. Though judging from a situation at a forum of the channel - moderators and administrators this same. But my question concerning removal of posts published in the section “Forum for Complaints and Offers“ on May 1 the second week without answer. It is possible to draw a conclusion concerning the fact that the administration of this resource ignores it.
Should noting that earlier not everything was so bad. Besides that posts were not removed, but also some requests and offers were considered. Namely a possibility of commenting of video and it is possible, something else. Some questions were not considered. For example at a forum it is possible to add only short messages therefore it is necessary to divide the message into 3 - 4 and more parts. I do not know, fixed this problem today or not. I will already not post on this resource. Since I do not see sense, in a type of the fact that messages are removed unclear whom and it is not clear why. Maybe developers have no technical capability do not consider it necessary to correct this problem, maybe. Though on the majority other forums there is an opportunity to write longer messages.
But me would be desirable to touch upon a subject in which most of all my posts were removed.
I Will give an example of correspondence. Perhaps, I mentioned in it some taboo which is not conducted for me. Therefore moderators also began systematic to delete posts without explanations.
a subject is called “downloading of programs“ of
the First message in this subject after - - on April 5, 2013 was removed. In it I wrote concerning an opportunity to download video through a plug-in of a fayerfoks. And also asked permissions to it moderators. Besides explained that the possibility of downloading of video will promote development of a resource, and promoting as the program and science in general. Also gave examples of the fact that many programs are laid out on torrents in free access. There it is possible to determine their popularity by the number of downloads that too there is a lot of, it is important for producers of these transfers.
But this the message I suspect, it was for some reason removed by moderators. Therefore I kept previously further messages, as extremely I recommend to all. And now I can take out on court of the public as them and answers and adequacy of actions of administration of a forum of Kultura channel. But before citing still it is also worth noting that in my further messages the indignation shade concerning removal of posts is a little shown.

1 message - the HARDWARE - Maria Homutskaya
- - “I ask to answer whether it is possible to download a separate series of Academy on this website, and if here it is impossible, then where it is possible to make it?“
of Moderator the moderator Soobshcheniye 1 - - on April 5, 2013 | 11:51
- - “Can download a podcast in iTunes. So far only this way.“ my

- on the place removed Roma Bolgarchuk
- - “so and through fayerfoks is impossible? It seems wrote the long message in this subject. Somewhere was gone (((So many efforts and everything are vain, gave both offers and councils there....“
a post 2 Soobshcheniye 2 - - on April 12, 2013 | 00:15
- - “why cleaned a possibility of downloading of lectures through fayerfoks? There are at a forum moderators, adminenstrator. Answer it is fairly possible to download lectures or not? I think on these foprosa it was necessary will stop for a long time, but not to delete posts of users who want to discuss them. Or you still were not defined - it is possible to swing or it is impossible? To me simply downloaded more conveniently to look. and wanted to posortirovat for itself releases on subjects That you as small children,“
a post 3 Soobshcheniye 4 - - on April 17, 2013 | 14:29
- - “all the same at desire any can download an eyboga in the different ways. So your overindulgence here powerlessly. If I want just I will take lecture from the screen. Just be defined and on be more adult as you not who does not do. The program or has to be available or as these rules have to be where are described. Alas this information I did not find“
of Moderator the moderator Soobshcheniye 5 - - on April 17, 2013 | 18:39

- - “We already many times answered this question: we do not distribute files from the website.“
Roma Bolgarchuk of Soobshcheniye 6 - - on April 18, 2013 | 19:12
- - “Thanks for the answer. And if does not complicate, it is possible a reference. And looked for that but alas I cannot find. Believed this discussion likely in the section “the Forum for complaints and offers“, but did not find in what subject it was discussed though perhaps I am mistaken. Nevertheless it would be desirable to esteem since a question I think quite actual.“ Soobshcheniye`s
7 - - on April 29, 2013 | 22:47
- - “did not find a subject or subjects concerning that why files from the website are not distributed. If it because of loading not the server that I could help. I can swing series and spread on YouTube. I think it there would be a good promotion as website and science in general. How you look at it?“
(this message was removed too) - likely beheld in what that flood, or trolling … Soobshcheniye`s
7 - - on May 1, 2013 | 23:06
- - “by the way references to lectures for some reason not workers ((. Tried to add on the website ucoz. net/video/VIP/5/biologija/ehkologija/vladislav_goncharuk_quot_do_i_posle_chernobylja_quot_1_ja_lekcija - any more did not want to open a new subject. Or I can as not correctly I add that?“
- And this message was removed. Though in it there is a reference to my website, and it is really possible to carp at it since many resources already begin to forbid to give references to third-party resources. But that a separate subject, … I will just tell those even if moderators of many resources and consider it expedient to forbid references on dr the websites, as a rule on similar - the websites of competitors. Naturally, my reference that is not. Especially as it is given as an example with the purpose to understand why video does not open.)
From this example is visible that moderators delete literally any post which it could not answer. Sincerely it would be desirable to believe that such situation developed only at me on this resource. But judging from the fact that a huge number of interesting programs are not discussed it is possible to assume, as other posts of users were just removed. Therefore they it is naturally banal do not want to write not what any more. Therefore it would be desirable to warn them concerning inadequacy of moderators in advance. And to advise not to spend time on communication on a forum resource academy. To those Bol that in a network there is a set of other good resources where it is possible to write long messages, VV is convenient to use codes (spoilers, references, pictures) and the main thing on the majority resources quite adequate moderators. To me personally, frankly speaking such resource for the first time meets where posts are removed not that without argument, but also without any notice. In other article I will mention also one very strange project of the channel culture. Did not want to write about it, but time my post was removed there. That I consider necessary it to make. Since promotion of science it is always good and this channel aspires to it, but it is necessary to be attentive as especially the people who do not have profound experience in some specific area naturally find it difficult to distinguish the truth from fiction sometimes. Therefore I consider that it is important to point on an extreme merea of attention at the matters, for their further consideration. But as it became clear at a culture forum these messages are removed. As they say “the shoemaker`s wife is the worst shod“ - i.e. the forum of the channel of culture has no culture of communication and moderating of forums. Well not what is, and other good projects it is watered ru, 24 - a techno, National Geographic, etc. scientific programs, and there is also a set of the websites where it is possible to discuss them - with more adequate moderators. It is a pity that the question concerning downloading of video and remained open. As already wrote - wanted to help with promoting of science and culture - having uploaded this video on toorrena and YouTube, etc. But the administration of the channel is not ready to cooperate. And does not even know what to answer. And moderators apparently behave not adequately.