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What clothes attract men?

Being engaged in search of the partner, it is important to meet his expectations of fashion - many women will be surprised, but men are not indifferent to fashion, especially to female at all. The fact that they do not like to go shopping does not mean yet that to them all the same as the companion of life looks.

Styles, coloring, uniqueness, additional accessories - men see everything. You remember: though see off on mind, but at first it is necessary to meet somehow, and meet - on clothes.

Quite often it is necessary to hear opinion that men are attracted by lack of clothes. The it is less clothes - the better. Or: than the clothes are more frank, more it draws with that attention. On the one hand, it is right. The more naked “nature“, the there is more drawn attention. Whether here this attention only for a long time will remain?

It as the big bright poster with archin letters. It draws attention with the size and brightness. But, having looked at it once, all quietly go further - to get a grasp, peer is not present sense, everything is clear from a semi-look. Any intrigue. And consequently, any long interest. Unless information on the poster will be some unique, unusual. But besides, it will not keep interest in the poster unless will help to save the interested information with memory.

Another matter - a small leaflet. To understand what there is a speech about, it needs to be read. Rather attentively. If information is interesting, then the leaflet is considered in all its aspects - and most often it is informative in each square centimeter. Moreover, on such leaflets usually place something additional, like calendar cards, rulers, schemes of the subway - small, but always the necessary information for the sake of which many keep a leaflet, and quite often as a result of regular viewing safely absorb also that information for the sake of which the leaflet was printed.

Young men are usually not too inclined to strain imagination, they do not need an intrigue per se - they did not see enough of naked female nature yet and willingly welcome frankness in clothes. Men are more senior - another matter. You will not surprise with their “nature“, especially available. And here the true art of observance of balance begins. As at chicken who runs away from a rooster and thinks: “And whether not too quickly I run?“ - it is necessary to run quickly enough that the rooster realized that he is engaged in production of the real treasure, but at the same time not too quickly that for fatigue the hunting heat did not die away.

Special attention should be paid on a coloring. Too aggressive or gloomy tone do not enjoy special popularity - at men usually enough aggression to welcome female aggression. And eternally missing and gloomy people are loved by nobody, regardless of a floor (unless if it is about such options, as Gotha, emo and to them similar - but it another story altogether).

Various options of tiger and leopard coloring, pull out - an eye scarlet tone - it is capable to frighten off men aged 35 years are more senior. Poll of men on the website for serious acquaintances of eDarling showed that 73% of respondents strongly object against women - “leopards“. At the same time for participation in poll men with earnings above an average (a standard indicator of success) and average age of 39 years, persons interested to find the partner for marriage were selected.

“Leopards“ and “tigers“ are obvious threat - it is not domestic kittens who tenderly purr and jump behind a ball. As Marshak was correct: “Hey, do not stand too close! I am a tiger cub, but not a cat! “ - and men seek to become far away not to get under not a gentle tigerish paw. And dominating scarlet tone is and association with blood, with different aggression, and the irritating eye the color causing reciprocal aggression moreover and association with the Little Red Riding Hood (many men subconsciously try on themselves for a role of the Wolf, but nobody wants that the relations with the lovely girl ended with the belly filled by stones).

As a matter of fact, in general excess of bright colors in clothes was a sign of a bad form at all times. Not without reason circus actors had the brightest suits, and in the Victorian England women of easy virtue needed to carry color tapes on caps.

Having put on as appropriate, it is possible to attract attention the desirable partner. It is possible to pick up clothes for every taste: businessman and actor, romantic and programmer, poet and plumber.

There is only one danger: if the clothes do not correspond to internal contents, then it will be shown in all beauty sooner or later. And the result will be unfavourable. Therefore it is better to reflect properly: how many the tigress will be able to pretend to be a kitty? And if you are a successful lady with tendency to domination, then, perhaps, it is better to think nevertheless of leopard shades in clothes? Yes, many men will be frightened (73% if to trust results of poll of eDarling). But there are another 27% - not so a little. And they, perhaps, dream of a tigress, but not of house Murka. And if you on character - a domestic kitty, then you do not pretend to be a lioness. Nevertheless there live people not with clothes.