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Whether it is necessary to tear off flowers at an apple-tree? Recently learned

that the first buds at young saplings of fruit-trees and at fresh inoculations need to be torn off. It is a pity to spoil, of course, such beauty and to lose the first harvest, but I will tell everything one after another.

the neighbor has an apple-tree. Blossoms magnificently and yields a harvest good on all indicators. A grade - Summer striped. Here the husband also decided to do vaccination against it to our lenivitsa - an old apple-tree. The tree grew big, and several years yields fruits small and rare. In a year the inoculation considerably grew up, gained strength. And threw out two buds next spring.

Then the apple-tree set to us a task. What Summer striped - a skoroplodny grade, we knew, but that the harvest rather of the prerequisite to it so quickly appeared was not expected. Unless one-year inoculations can blossom? First struggled with temptation to leave color, but then followed council to the neighbor.

The old gardener was not surprised to our question, and patiently explained that skoroplodny grades have ability to stuff up floral kidneys both on one-year inoculations, and on the young trees which are just replaced from nursery.

On a question why them to tear off, the neighbor grinned. Such flowers all the same will fall down, and to a tree - damage. Formation of buds demands many nutrients. And at yet not got accustomed tree or a weak inoculation these substances will be spent at the expense of internal stocks. It will weaken growth and development of the plant. The first flowers not just strongly weaken saplings, but also slow down growth of roots that in the first years after landing - the main thing.

It was necessary at the inoculation buds accurately to vyshchipnut, without waiting for their blossoming. Though it was a pity, but we understood that it becomes for advantage of a tree. The inoculation (branch) came from one tree to another and has to feel more surely on the new place. But the little later I learned that it is better not to tear off and not to pull out buds not to damage a tree, and to cut off accurately a sharp knife.

My garden will blossom soon. This year I will not tear off flowers on an inoculation. Everything takes its course. Also I hope to receive the first harvest.

But the question of removal of buds from young trees interested me. During the winter I re-read many useful tips and now I know that it is necessary to delete the first color only at the young saplings replaced from nursery. This compelled procedure promotes the best growth of roots, strengthening of root immunity and stimulation of growth of young escapes. But if trees are planted a few years ago and well got accustomed, do not touch flowers. Let please you not only the first color, but also the first harvest. All the same, despite plentiful blossoming, on an apple-tree there will be so many fruits how many the tree will be able to grow up. And part of flowers will not be pollinated and will fall down, the part of ovaries will be showered, and those that will remain, it is necessary to thin out and leave no more than 10 - 15 strongest to try that for a grade you put at the dacha. Here do not feel sorry for them and help the young yablonka. These small trees will not be able to yield a big harvest. Him it is necessary to grow and gain strength.

However I cannot but share a secret from the skilled neighbor - the gardener. It appears, it tears off flowers not only on young apple-trees, and and on well created and fructifying trees not one year. But does it according to the scheme. One year - flowers on the lower branches, the second - on top. Thus, serially collects also fruits. Year - above, and the second year - below. At the same time always happens to a good harvest because gives rest to the fructifying branches.