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Dog - the doctor or What is a kanisterapiya?

From the very first day of the existence near the person the dog began to master various professions. We know that dogs help people as shepherds, security guards, guides. There are dogs - geologists, they are trained for search of various minerals. Dogs help to find drugs, explosive devices.

Four-footed rescuers dig out people from - under blockages or find them under fragments, rescue drowning, pull out people from fire on the fires...

And whether you know that there are dogs - doctors? Yes, there is such direction in medicine where the main figure is specially trained dog, and this direction a kanisterapiya is called .

Dogs are doctors, as well as seeing eye dogs, pass long and careful training. Each such animal the dog - therapeutic means“ gains the diploma “And becomes unique, one may say, “piece“ phenomenon.

For a start it is necessary to tell what dogs are selected for this difficult role. Breed, strangely enough, does not matter, special preliminary selection there can pass even a mongrel. Requirements which are imposed to a dog at selection on training:

- quiet, balanced character;

- lack of aggression to people;

- high skill to communicate;

- lack of sharp reaction to loud sounds or sharp actions.

And now we will talk specifically in what cases use the trained dog - the doctor.

1. Help in fight against a depression, feeling of uselessness and uselessness.

of the Dog - therapists are widely used at nursing homes, in work with disabled people, in hospices. There are cases when the old person living in special sanatorium refuses to communicate with people around, even with doctors. Often it seems to old men that they are not necessary to nobody also sense to live is not present, apathy, a cruel depression appears. They are come to the rescue by the four-footed doctor - a dog, it banishes feeling of loneliness, gives feeling of full value and necessity to someone, the old person begins to move, overcoming the decrepitude and diseases. The being who faithfully looks at you needs attention and love!

2. Help in work with patients with autism and Down syndrome. the Sick person “is as if pulled out“ by

from the closed world, the dog helps to develop and train spatial orientation, trains memory and attention of the patient, lifts his low self-assessment. Still dogs successfully help with treatment of various mental deviations, phobias, conditions of aggression.

3. Diagnostics.

It is not a fantasy, but a dog - the therapist can diagnose and predict an epilepsy attack. In the western countries specially trained dogs can foresee an attack of this illness to ipredupredit the owner. It is recorded that at such patients attacks even become more rare and weaker! The four-footed doctor who always nearby, gives feeling of confidence of tranquility, such people can lead more free life, visit various actions, without being afraid that the attack will overtake them unexpectedly.

In Great Britain serious researches on an occasion of application of dogs in diagnosis of diabetes are conducted. Dogs are successfully trained and distinguish increase of level of glucose in blood at patients.

4. Treatment of a hypertension, heart attacks and posleinfarktny state.

Care of an animal, walks with it very well influence such patients. Pressure is stabilized, the general state improves.

5. Work with prisoners. by

In some countries of a dog - therapists are invited in prisons to facilitate feeling of loneliness, despair, fear of death (it concerns sentenced to a capital punishment).

6. Contact therapy.

is the direction of a kanisterapiya experimental, the mechanism of the help of a dog is up to the end not studied, but active researches and forecasts very promising are conducted. If to tell about it in several words - the dog is used … instead of a hot-water bottle that is if there is a need to put a hot-water bottle to a sore point, then the dog heats the body instead of it. Cases when the dog at direct contact “took off“ pressure are known, cleaned leg pains at a varicosity, helped at stomach pains.

7. A dog - the partner.

Perhaps we do not notice it, but our dogs who live houses nearby which nobody specially trained in medical “knowledge“ treat us every day! They banish our bad mood, give the unconditional love, reconcile us when we quarrel, distract from troubles.

8. Oncology. by

Also conduct serious researches in the direction of use of a kanisterapiya at a cancer therapy. Let`s hope that dogs will help us and with it.

The positive medical effect from communication with a dog was noticed still by Hippocrates. Documents which tell about use of dogs at treatment of different diseases in ancient Egypt remained.

Let`s be grateful to our canine friends that they are ready to protect us, to entertain, rescue and even to treat!