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Than you are ready to pay for the happiness?

Having defined the requirements on the way fortunately, we begin to work with motivation and secondary benefit...

So, let us assume, that you an ultimate goal will have a finding of health. Most likely, you set before yourself such purpose earlier. Perhaps, you were going to run in the mornings or to go to the gym, to have a shower bath cold water, tried to go to bed for a full-fledged dream earlier and to cease to gorge on for the night. And all these actions really were the solution of your problem and met your requirements.

But there passed some time and all your efforts on achievement of the purpose were nullified. Suddenly you find out that you “forgot“ to set an alarm clock and jog did not take place. Or it turned out that today in general improper weather for sports activities and walks on the street. Or you were treated with a piece of favourite cake, and you decided that once it is possible for itself and to allow.

Such temptations - the sea, and our pathological part of the personality whose task to keep our illness, speaks: “Yes throw out you all this nonsense from the head, all this nonsense! Ĺat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die! Enjoy life right now!“ And here just it is necessary to agree with anything: it is better to refuse false beliefs, and really - it is exciting to enjoy every moment.

Such regress in behavior is connected with the fact that the requirement though it also is, has no such force which could be powerful opposition to force inherent in an illness. It is about sufficient motivation for the subsequent changes and their fixing.

This motivation never happens unilateral, it is always connected with some deprivations. If I made the decision every day to do physical exercises, then it is necessary to understand that it is necessary:

- to spend on them time;

- to do them in bad mood;

- to do them in feeling sick;

- to refuse for the sake of them other, more attractive alternative to time, etc.

at present to find out whether you are ready to endow something for the sake of requital, it is necessary to fill in the following table:

Descartes`s square

That will be if it occurs (the objectives are achieved) A+B+
That will be if it is not A+B -
That will not be if is not And - B -
That will not be if is And - B+

For example, you understood that you suffer because that strongly you are tired not only at work, but also at home, and at research of a situation found out that your need for personal space, for safety, for rest, for creativity is not satisfied. In that case improvement of living conditions can become your purpose: purchase of the new apartment or construction of the house.

In this case consequences of achievement of the purpose in a view of the new house can look so:

What will be if I have a house?

of A+B+

1. I will have the personal territory: the room.

2. I will be able to have a rest or work in the room at home, at the same time nobody will disturb me.

3. In a family the conflicts from - for fight for space will disappear.

4. I will have the personal plot and I will be able to grow up favourite flowers and favourite trees and bushes.

5. I will be able to allow to get to myself a dog and other pets.

6. I will live in the fresh air.

7. I will be engaged at myself in the yard in physical exercises.

8. I will be though every day to visit a sauna.

9. I will prepare shish kebabs in the yard.

10. I will be able freely to invite to myself friends.

11. I farther will need to go for work and to bring children.

What will be if at me is not at home?

of A+B -

1. I will still be tired of the fact that there is no opportunity to be alone, and to be angry with family members who disturb me.

2. In a family there will be conflicts from - for territories.

3. At me the depression will develop.

4. I can get sick.

5. I will have a desire to leave the house.

6. I will not be able to do favorite thing: to grow up flowers and to admire the garden.

7. I should go to a paid sauna and it is not so frequent as it would be desirable.

8. I will not be able to invite to myself many friends.

9. Children will be goes to school near the house.

What will not be if is not at home?

A - B -

1. There will be no my room.

2. There will be no dog.

3. There will be no garden.

4. There will be no fresh air.

5. There will be no good mood.

6. There will be no rest.

7. There will be no forces and energy.

8. There will be no health.

9. There will be no pleasure.

10. There will be no satisfaction.

What will not be if there is a house?

A - B+

1. Shops, work and school will not be near.


Now you can tell whether you are ready to follow the decision in spite of the fact that you should pay for it. Not the quantity of certain consequences, but their specific weight plays a role. One, but the consequence, very significant for you, can move all others.

This table shows, than the person for rescue has to offer. If there is no victim - there will be no requital. The victim has to be obligatory significant for the person. If it is not significant, then it is impossible requitals.

The shaman causes the spirit responsible for an illness of the patient, and asks that he would like to receive from this patient instead of an illness. What the spirit answered: “Let itself will solve“. The patient answers that he will give him the cauldron. But the spirit refused as it knew that it has five cauldrons. When the patient offered it the last deer, the spirit agreed to accept the victim, and the patient got rid of an illness .