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How DEPECHE MODE wrote the song about “personal Jesus“?

did not manage to get used music lovers to a classical electronic sound of DEPECHE MODE as in 1989 the group gave them a new surprise. Probably, they decided - to give the answer to earlier foolish question mentioned by me: “If you are rockers where your guitars?“.

“And here where!“ - told DISPATCHES, and brought down on the heads of listeners at first a lethal refrain “Reach out and touch faith!“ (“Give a hand and touch belief!“) , and then not less lethal riff of the song “Personal Jesus“ (“Personal Jesus“) of which any BluesMan could brag.
Is interesting that at the same time the song all the same kept both an electronic sound, and a corporate style of DEPECHE MODE. In particular, percussions in “Personal Jesus“ represented zasemplirovanny jumps of three people on empty suitcases.

The song sound in many respects defined also subject of the clip of Korbayn where musicians appear not as fashionable boys in leather biker jackets, and the severe cowboys visiting a brothel in the Wild West.

Andy Fletcher: - it is possible
of “Personal 3esus“, my worst reminiscence. We were in the desert Spanish town - one of those cowboy`s towns where remove westerns and so forth. And the whole day I was told: “Well, Fletcher, you should sweep on a horse later“. I thought: “But I am not able to go by a horse!“ And they spoke: “Do not worry, it good, silent - well, big, but everything is all right“.

as a result it became clear

by i that just scoffed at Fletcher - the horse appeared... wooden.
Were in a shot and the real horses. Incidentally or not, the image of their bums coincided with Martin`s aspirations therefore censorship saw in it bad hints and demanded to clean these shots from the clip. Though why to hint on bad if in the clip there were enough quite available girls...

The motive and the subject “Personal Jesus“, came to Martin Gore in 1988 when the group rolled the “Music for masses“ on the world.
Being in the USA, every day observed Martine on the TV of the next preacher with appeals “Come to me and confess“ (addresses and phones were applied below - where to come and repent). Subsequently Gore will expand the treatment of a song, having referred that wrote it under impression of memoirs of the wife of Elvis Presley - Priscilla.

Martin Gore:
“It is the song about what to be Jesus for someone, to give hope and care. It that Elvis was her man and the mentor, how often similar happens in the love relations; how someone`s heart becomes in some sort similar to God, and it is not really objective view on the person, isn`t that so?“.
Attempt to give to the song broader treatment is quite clear to

. At the DISPATCH there were already problems with a song of “Blasphemous Rumours“ from an album of 1984. In it it was sung about the girl who survived after attempt of a suicide, believed in Christ, and in two years it was brought down by car. And a conclusion “in my opinion, at God is terrible sense of humour“ . Jealous Christians to similar poetic revelations were indignant, and the song had big problems with radio rotation.

Understood Martine that “Personal Jesus“ is the most powerful hitishche therefore the lyrics in itself did not contain any blasphemous ideas, and it could be perceived as absolutely Protestant idea about personal rescue.

Your own, personal Jesus -
The one who will listen to your prayers,
The one who will take care...
your personal, own Jesus -
The one who will listen to your prayers,
The one who will be near...

You have unfamiliar feelings,
You is absolutely alone.
the Mere mortal -
At phone.
Take the call - I will force you to believe
the Only hooliganism musicians afforded

before a single exit when they published in the newspaper section of announcements advertizing with the words “Your Own Personal Jesus“. There was below a phone number on which phoned could listen to the song (for a payment, of course).
crumpled This trick of many, but in general the song was accepted rather favourably.

It is necessary to tell that I even met serious disputes of neophytes at some orthodox forums (and obviously former “depeshist“) about that is for whom in this song of Martine Gore: for al`s Christians for Satanists? Actually, not turbid eye visible at once that in “Personal Jesus“ the big charge of gloomy irony, and the speech in it not only about Christ is put. In fact, this spell turned by “priest“ to “flock“, a certain dance of Kaa. And any Christian will not begin to sing the words “Touch Belief“ under so gloomy chords.

Nevertheless, the ambiguity put by Martin played a role. So in 2002 the cover on “Personal Jesus“ was written down by the convinced Christian and a country - the singer - Johnny Cash. And he really made the song ““ and Christian.

D. Cash:
“... it is, perhaps, the most evangelical song which I ever heard. I do not know whether it reflected the author, but so it turned out“.

Dave Gahan about Cash`s version :
“We were shocked! You would see Martin`s reaction! He made a serious ugly face and told: “Well, sounds not bad“. I speak to it: “Not bad? Martine and it the same as though Elvis sang one of your songs!“.

on the other hand the song approached in 2004 known “Antichrist - superstar“ to Marylin Manson.

Merlin Manson: “In we wash
understanding it absolutely differed from Martin Gore`s interpretation. I knew that record of this song would allow me to express considerable thoughts of policy and religion“.

Actually cover did not sound as originally, as at Cash. But Manson recouped on the clip where he pushed a lot of characters (Stalin, Mussolini, Kennedy, Hitler, Castro, Gandhi, Bush - younger and Christ in the negative image), four sexy - the horsewomen of the Apocalypse and brutal nuns bringing to the singer of the baby. The baby is dropped on a floor, and it is visible that it is only a figurine from which, as from a moneybox, money like water is spended. Generally, all set in Manson`s style...

Andrew Fletcher:
“I heard about ten various treatments of “Personal Jesus“, and it is that to Martin and it is pleasant. “Personal Jesus“ brings up the general questions, here that important. Words are very ambiguous so though the song could become doubtful, as a result everything appeared absolutely not so. Most of people counted it as the Christian anthem though she reflected not such. When you publish the song with the word “Jesus“, you arise upon problems, but we wanted to publish it because it was pleasant to us“.

the Song really created a furor even among those critics who disliked DEPECHE MODE. “Personal Jesus“ became No. 13 in Britain, and in the USA the first single in the history of group which became “gold“. 2011 the group will release
B new (this time completely electronic) the version of a song - “Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix)“ which will accompany the new, ambiguously treating song, the clip. In it residents of the medieval city conduct the girl accused of a vedmovstvo to the bridge and put on trial water (if does not sink - means, the witch). After several attempts the girl everything is sinks, but then unexpectedly rises from the lake together with a water column which streams on executors the punishing burning rain.

But we ran far forward. And then - in 1989, after “Personal Jesus“ - the world stood waiting for a new album.

But about it - in final part of a cycle.