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What interrelation between development of the speech and development of the personality?

the Early age is connected with finding by the child of the speech thanks to what development of consciousness of the child, his persons in general significantly accelerates. Through active speech communication with surrounding people the child obtains the main information necessary for his personal development. The speech comprises verbal encouragement and punishments, control devices and self-checking of behavior. It is the carrier of rules and norms to which the child submits. With assimilation of the speech development of the child as persons qualitatively is reconstructed, accelerates.

Therefore it is not casual that the first most noticeable changes in psychology of the child fall on early age.
Speaking and understanding as two parties in development of the speech are differently connected with various aspects of formation of the identity of the child. The understanding provides perception, differentiation of requirements and estimates of behavior of the child from adults. It gives the chance to correct behavior and what are more developed lexical by, semantic, syntactic and other parties of the statement (in aspect of its understanding), the more precisely and the child is more thinly capable to distinguish shades and nuances of educational influences.

Speaking allows the child to specify the requirements imposed on it received from adults of an assessment in dialogue and most to influence behavior of surrounding adults so that it corresponded to requirements of its personal development as much as possible.
the Complex psychological problem represents a question of a ratio of what the child can understand and tell with his own personal qualities. The essence of a problem consists in in what measure the active and passive speech of the child of early age reflects the level of personal development reached by it:

not each adult who is well owning the speech which is able to realize and express own qualities of the personality in words. Between the level of individual development of the child and that as as he speaks, there is no simple and unambiguous communication, apparently. To judge that, the child as the person other than other people realizes himself, or does not realize, it is impossible only on the basis of that, uses or he in the active speech does not use a pronoun I. Rather what the child understands, i.e. his passive speech could form the basis for similar psychological conclusions.

Ways of psychodiagnostic estimation of level of speech personal development of the child at early age need to be chosen proceeding from what he understands.
However is not enough one speech analysis for full-fledged psychodiagnostics. Along with it it is necessary to use the analysis of behavior, but not separately, and in logical correlation to the speech. The facts of coincidence that understands can form the basis for satisfactory conclusions and that is done by the child. In this dyad: understanding and behavior - the main role in development is played, apparently, by understanding.

Therefore, bringing up the child, developing him as the personality, first of all it is necessary to care for deepening of semantic understanding of the perceived speech.