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How DEPECHE MODE arranged the holiday “on-black“ and wrote “music for masses“? I do not know

how for whom, and for me DEPECHE MODE began with an album “Black Celebration“ of 1986 of the edition. I can subscribe completely under Andrew Fletcher`s words that “is one of the best selections of songs of Martin; a song all to uniform excellent, and at the same time any you will not call commercial“ .

If to mean impetuous fun and tearful ballads by commerce, then yes - the album completely corresponded to the name “Black Festival“ though it can quite be christened “A party on a funeral“. The album was opened by the song “Black Celebration“ of the same name at the beginning of which the digitized voice of the producer Daniel Miller saying of “A brief period of rejoicing“ (“The short period of pleasure“) sounds . This phrase which is pulled out from Churchill`s speech ( “War with Germany comes to an end. We are able to afford the short period of pleasure“ ), in the context of an album sounded as gloomy irony.

However, Martin Gore said that he wanted to make an album even more gloomy and companions did not allow. However, and without it the plate made success, having occupied 3 - e the place in Britain. By this time musicians found the special style not only in music, but also in image. Foolish jackets and melirovanny chubchik consigned to the past, from photos the severe four of guys with hairdresses - platforms, dressed in black leather biker jackets looked at us (as I wanted then the same leather biker jacket, as at Gahan!) .

And the most important - the group became cult, that is, found the contingent of the constant devoted fans who are amicably attending concerts and sweeping away any new single of idols from shelves.

of “Stripped“, “A Question Of Time“ (1986)

the First single from an album of 1986 became the song “Stripped“ (“Naked“) . Today the youth knows it generally on an excellent cover of RAMMSTEIN group and the scandalous clip accompanying a cover. In the clip the key phrase of a song “Allow me to see you naked...“ it was supported with the image of Aryan sports torsos from the documentary Leni Rifenstal about the Olympic Games of 1936 which were taking place in nazi Germany.

However, the song and in 1986 made impression without any nazi athletes. The speech in it, of course, went not about a striptease, and about the thirst for natural naturalness arising under pressure of industrial society.

Dave Gahan: “This song narrates
about two people who want to return to roots, by the beginnings, to emptiness. It is not just an appeal to undress...“

the Metropolis
Here not and
You inhale a smoke
Ya I feel it when we kiss
Take me by hand
Return on the earth
Where all our
At several o`clock> Allow me to see you
Bared to the bones
Ya I want to hear
As you make decisions
Without the
Ya TV I want to hear
As you tell
Only with me.

The text was supported with P. Keir`s clip where musicians, like ludita, break the car heavy hammers and burn the TV.

Music sounded just fascinating and, as usual, included a set of samples. At the beginning it is possible to hear how Dave`s “Porsche“ is started, and the motorcycle tarakhteniye passed through distorshn on single transfer became a basis of bit.

Sometimes process of record of interesting sounds was followed by the real extreme. So on November 5, in Day of Guy Fox (the British holiday in honor of disclosure of “powder plot“ 1605) musicians bought pyrotechnics and placed microphones with the purpose to write down sounds of the flying rockets. However fireworks began to blow up so plentifully and powerfully that frightened “dispatch“ in panic ran up.

The single “Stripped“ left in February, 1986, there was No. 15 in Britain and caused a wave of laudatory criticism. However, the author of the song - Martin Gore - and itself considered that the song “really one of the greatest creations that I ever created“.

As opposed to slow lyrical “Stripped“, the most tough song of an album - “ of A Question Of Time“ (“Matter of time“) was chosen as the following single, probably, in which some critics found even echoes “hev - metal“.
the Clanking sounds were supported with an ominous voice of Gahan who sang:

I have to the first reach you,
Before it were not made by them.
Is only a matter of time.
So far they did not seize you hands
I did not make same as all.
Ya has to the first reach you.
Is only a matter of time...

Well, now to you only fifteen,
I you fantastically look. I will take
Ya you under the aegis, Someone has to make by

Do not sing Gahan so aggressively, the song could be understood as care and concern of the loving father of the daughter. But in such brutal execution many apprehended it as expression of sexual thirst for the minor. But the song, eventually, did not cause either scandal, or a special agiotage.

“A Question Of Time“ is significant first of all the fact that long and effective cooperation with the director Anton Korbayn began with it the DISPATCH. Anton shot the memorable and mysterious video in which the motorcyclist delivers to participants of group of newborn babies on the song.

Alan Uaydler: “Sometimes had to remove
same for hours, waiting when these parcels … forgive, children will make what from them is required. And around the real chaos was created: mothers, diapers, toys and diapers“.

of “Strangelove“, “Little 15“ (1987)

the Name of the following plate - “Music for the Masses“ (“Music for masses“) - reflected Martin Gore as ironic. Music of group, of course, was already very popular in certain circles, but it was difficult to call it mass.

Dave Gahan:
“Same was a joke. We thought that our music will not become conventional. We were on the verge of the priest and an underground. And we quite liked to be there“.

It is amusing that the joke really was successful. From this album music of DEPECHE MODE gained mass recognition and was splashed out on stadiums. Since 1987 the movement of “depeshist“ in the USSR who managed on May 9 began to grow and get stronger to celebrate not so much the Victory Day, how many birthday of Dave Gahan.

The song “Strangelove“ (“Strange love“) with the memorable refrain and the text about pain and love became a shock single from an album.

Martin Gore: “I often write
songs about love and relationship, and sex - just one of sides of all this. Only in one or two songs the speech comes about sadomasochism. At that time I often went to similar clubs, just from interest. I never seriously was fond of similar things“.

Korbayn shot the video on “Strangelove“ in favourite chyorno - white color. Shootings of “a love song“ took place in Paris. Various ladies among whom the director allocated the central place to the girlfriend Nassin frolicing on a bed appeared in the clip. The orange megaphone which decorated also a single cover became other participant of the clip (the inscription on the BONG13 megaphone meant catalog number of a single).

The second well-known song of an album - the sad ballad “Little 15“ (“The fifteen-year-old baby“) in very minimalist arrangement - in general could not get on an album if not insistance of the producer David Miller. A single it it became unexpected - it was let out not in Britain, and in France. And though in Britain the single officially did not leave, it did not prevent one of the most beautiful songs of an album to rise on 60 - yu a line of the English charts.

That to the text, in it Gore continued, as well as in “A Question Of Time“, to develop a subject of teenage sexuality.

As the song was not the planned single, DISPATCHES decided also shootings of the clip to assign not to “native“ Anton Korbayn, but foreign Martin Atkins. The clip appeared, in my opinion, excellent, very harmoniously connected with melancholic mood of a song.

Despite success of “Music for masses“, personally I apprehended this album as a certain marking time. Nothing especially new neither in sounding, nor in giving since “Black Celebration“ I noticed. It seemed, the group was at peak of the creative opportunities.

Who could think that the best-known album DEPECHE MODE still ahead. But about it next time...