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How songs to the movie “Buratino`s Adventures“ were created?

of “Buratino`s Adventure“ (1975) of the director Leonid Nechayev, probably, until the end of life will remain for me to one of masterpieces of the Soviet children`s cinema. Briefly it is possible to tell about it Karabas Barabas`s phrase: “It is just some holiday!“

In the movie as in a prism, everything ideally met - the remarkable fairy tale of Alexey Tolstoy, a brilliant cast, a dynamic plot which despite abundance of songs, does not “sag“ anywhere. Moreover, Alexey Rybnikov`s music itself set for a plot the tone, and to characters - character. And that the most amazing - in a soundtrack is not present any song “through passage“.

A. Rybnikov: began

of “Buratino“ with the fact that brought me Inna Vetkina`s scenario, the contents of songs were put in the same place. Also images were so amazingly opened that I, having read the scenario, was frightened. Was frightened of responsibility both to the audience, and before by itself. I thought that if I am not able to write worthy music for my most favourite fairy tale, then I will stop practising music absolutely. I threw all affairs and prepared for serious work. And everything turned out very easily“.

By the way, first Inna Vetkina wrote the scenario not for the movie, and for 5 - a serial animated cartoon. When literally imposed to Nechayev this scenario, it went for adventure - pulled out several pages, remade everything in 2 - the hseriyny television movie, and in such look it was put in the plan on “Belarusfilm“.

L. Nechayev:

“Here just. I arrived to Moscow, talked to Vetkina. She was horrified. But somehow very quickly we agreed with it. The most important, I understood that it is necessary to do it musical and feyerverkny“.

to Actors was given the rare chance to prove as singers, but many were rather afraid of it. Then Rybnikov began to look for to everyone an individual approach.

A. Rybnikov:

“I composed music especially for them. I at first studied that they can that cannot, limits of their opportunities, stuck out their most advantageous parties and cleaned in a shadow that they cannot“.
Originally Nechayev wanted

that words to songs were composed by Yuli Kim, however from - for the dissident activity the poet was in disgrace. Then the director addressed Bulat Okudzhava. Okudzhava agreed, but especially did not hurry as did not know that texts are necessary before shootings. When pripeklo, it became clear that Bulat Shalvovich not only made nothing, but also left for rest in situated near Moscow Dubovtsa.

Without thinking twice, Nechayev goes after him, lodges in the same sanatorium in number, next to Okudzhava, and every morning knocks to it on a wall - a pier when you write? Tactics of a starvation bore fruits - in a week Okudzhava was delivered of the whole lots of texts among which there were Carlo and Karabas`s songs, “Field of wonders“, “is infantile - love“ Piero`s ballad with ingenious lines “Is not necessary to me raspberry, quinsy is not terrible to me...“ and, of course, the well-known song of the Cat and Fox in a tavern of “Three gudgeons“. The last originally contained one more couplet which as a result had to be reduced:

What sky blue!

Live on light these three. They do not have

, thank God, the end.

As they say, an animal runs

I directly on the hunter!

Okudzhava`s Acquaintances claim that he composed two more couplets - about the drunkard:

On the drunkard he does not need a knife,

a little will pour

and do with it that hosh!

and woman:

On the woman the knife is not necessary! You it will a little sing along with

, you it will show to

a copper penny,

you will talk it nineteen to the dozen, you to it a little will pour

! do

I with it that hosh!
But it is clear to

that they were addressed not to so children`s audience. It is interesting that a sketch of an introductory melody to this song (that “Paws - tab - Tibu - a fife!“) Rybnikov wrote still long ago.

A. Rybnikov:

“Harry (Bardin - S. K.) very often happened at us on a visit, and I liked to improvise. I have such feeling that I composed this melody that my little daughter danced something to guests. I took it and played - just like that as a joke“.

R. Bykov: “When I began to sing

Basilio`s cat, I began to look for character in the vocal, in the singing. It was very much helped by music of the composer Rybnikov who found fine intonation for my cat. I imagined it whether you understand, a little bit Armstrong. It was quite difficult because words and music were written by Bulat Okudzhava. He sang this song, executed perfectly. Its performance of this song was wise, philosophical, deep, and it entered a certain contradiction with the game decision which we conceived. Because we solved roles more igrovo, festively, brightly, it is possible even to tell thoughtlessly. And here Alexey Rybnikov just found intonation which very much helped also me, and to the actress Elena Sanayeva who executed a fox Alice“.

After “brainstorming“ of Okudzhava the new problem arose: there were many texts, but not all them approved Gosteleradio, having counted too philosophically - wrapped up. So the first version of a song of a turtle of Tortilla was out of work (“Other strives to become a rich man...“) which will be included later into other movie “Lovely, Darling, Favourite, Only“.

For writing of missing texts to the aid called Yury Entin. He wrote songs for Duremar, spiders and Tortilla`s romance which Rybnikov specially stylized under ancient Italian songs. When songs already claimed, “turtle“ - the actress Reena Zelyonaya unexpectedly became stubborn.

Leonid Nechayev: “I remember

, invited to Tortilla Ranevskaya. I called it, she speaks: “Yes, it is interesting, very interesting: to me only and to play a turtle. Only you know, Lenechka, I agree in case shootings take place in we wash an entrance“. And here Reena Zelyonaya who did not act before it years 15 got“.
At first the actress hesitated to sing

. When, at last, agreed, demanded to clean the whole couplet from the text.

Yu. Entin: to

“Literally a day before record distributes a call Green: “Yurochka, you wrote the tremendous song, I learned it, it just some miracle. The first couplet remarkable and the third, and in the second you wrote:

It seemed to me - a row,

Only a paw stretch happiness.

But autumn leaf fall

of Proshurshali of summer days.

An old age all are not pleasure,

People tell the truth...

As me happiness smiled to

Three hundred years ago!

It about me, I am an old woman“. I speak: “Any you not the old woman: you are only three hundred years old, and you - a turtle. I wrote not for you““.
Arrangements did not help

, the couplet everything is threw out. However the soundtrack did not begin to be rewritten - instead of a missing couplet music just sounded, and frogs turned Tortilla on a pond smooth surface.

Most hard the composition of a header song was given to Entin. Now the composer was engaged in an earthing up of the poet. Rybnikov brought Entin to the magnificent House of works of composers in Ruza and had to that the whole room with a white grand piano. When the composer glanced there again, it became clear that the white grand piano did not help and there are no words still.

Unexpectedly Rybnikov remembered that he has one “buratinny“ subject, but it is very problem.

A. Rybnikov: “I in general considered by

it inapplicable because there is a tongue twister, then - some separate notes. I think: “Well, how? On it verses cannot be written“. But everything occurred within literally 1 - 2 hours. Suddenly Entin on this melody thought up a tongue twister, and on these separate notes which “stuck out“, was simply told: “Bu!“, “Ra!“, “Ti!“, “But!““ - and all“.

So the shortcoming became advantage. Couplets turned into certain riddles ( “Who the kind fairy tale enters the house?.“ etc.) and a refrain - a chant - the answer. By the way, to sing this song in initial credits invited Alla Pugacheva, but young and then the little-known singer for some reason refused. As a result the song was sung by Nina Brodskaya.

The success of the movie was extraordinary. Nechayev and Rybnikov became scary demanded. In 1976 songs appeared “Buratino“ on flexible plates - investments in the Kolobok magazine, and soon and on vinyl (the truth, here Karabas`s arias were executed for some reason not by the actor V. Etush, but R. Filippov).

On it Nechayev and Rybnikov`s cooperation did not end. To / f “About the Little Red Riding Hood“ I will tell about music history already next time.

Well, and songs you, as always, can listen in 1 - m to comments to this article.