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How to grow up a dabetion? Heather design on your site

As heather gardens in romantic style are beautiful. The pink gentle color of a heather surrounding an arbor as if weaved out of air openwork, and the same openwork gate. Everywhere variety of colors of a heather different look and form. What here are only not present: calico trees, gaulteriya, Labrador tea, podbela. And of course, rhododendrons and dabetion.

today we will also talk About a dabetion. The plant beautifully and perfectly is suitable for landscape gardening. On beds, near a lodge, on the Alpine hill - the dabetion will perfectly be entered in any design project of decoration of the seasonal dacha. In a wild look the dabetion meets in Sicily.

One of the most cultivated species of this plant - the dabetion kantabriysky, is grown up in the northern regions of Portugal and Spain. Also this plant can be met in Hugo - the western regions of France. The dabetion kantabriysky is especially popular in Ireland - other its name the Irish heather. In parks and gardens of the country it is often possible to meet pink small jugs of this plant.

Dabetion - a small bush height no more half a meter. The form of a bush happens as upright, and gustostelyushcheysya. Leaves at a plant evergreen, a form from oval to elliptic, up to 1,5 cm long. Darkly - green color as if the varnished leaves from below are lined with white down. On a stalk they settle down as a tile, with the edges lowered down.

Dabetion flowers in the form of a water-lily, single, length is up to 1 cm. These flowers are collected in a brush on the ends of escapes. A form are similar to lilies of the valley. The plant beautifully and long blossoms since July and prior to the beginning of October. And for excellent appeasable character the dabetion is appreciated the long blossoming by gardeners.

She does not demand to herself special leaving and is rather steady against adverse factors. The only thing to what it is necessary to pay attention, so it to root system. It, as well as at all heather, is branched strongly out and located close to a soil surface. Thin and numerous backs contain a mikoriza and are sensitive to cold. And as it is known, a mikoriza - a powerful tool of mineral food of plants. It is capable to provide a plant with necessary substances, dosing these substances in a measure necessary for them. Therefore around dabetion bushes late fall the earth needs to be zamulchirovat, having covered with needles or sawdust that the plant did not freeze.

Lungs, the humidified soils, with sufficient acidity best of all are suitable for cultivation of a dabetion. It grows as well on sand if organic substances in necessary quantity are brought. The soil for a plant has to consist equally of peat, sand, compost, with addition of wood bark or the coniferous earth. Loves solar places, can grow in a penumbra, but is afraid of the cold drying-up winds.

For cultivation of a dabetion and other types of family Heather it is necessary to create the conditions as close as possible to natural. It is the soil with sufficient acidity, good lighting and moisture which is especially necessary for young plants. Bushes especially do not need podkormka as in the nature heather including a dabetion, grow on poor soils.

Reproduction of a dabetion, as well as all Heather, happens through seeds or shanks. But, perhaps, one of the easiest ways - air layers. For this purpose it is necessary to choose a long branch on a dabetion and, having bent down it to the earth, to fix, and then to powder this place. After a while, when on a young layer backs will appear, dig out it, having cut off from a maternal branch, and replace to the constant place.

Cutting of a dabetion is necessary for formation of a bush. Carry out it in the fall after the end of blossoming or in the early spring. It is necessary to remember that it is necessary to cut off plants only by green, oblistvenny part of a branch. If to cut off at the level of wood, then branches will begin to dry up.

To create a natural species of a bush, large branches shorten at the different level as symmetrically cut off dabetion look already not so beautifully. Dabetion, as well as others Heather, seldom is surprised wreckers or diseases, but occasionally suffers fitoftorozy, up to full death of a plant.

It is worth noticing that in Europe the dabetion is grown up not only on beds, but also in pots which have on balconies or near the house. Such design attractively looks.