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Lana Del Ray - the American syndicate?

Not so long ago in the playlist honor everyone the Internet - the user compositions of the young lady from the United States appeared. Her name Lana Del Ray (Lana Del Rey) is the languid beauty with chubby lips looking at us from pages of fashionable magazines and the posters N &Ě. Its style is fresh and unusual, and melancholic texts together with low and high tonalities of a voice of very few people leave indifferent.

Today Lana (she is Elisabeth Grant) - one of the most rating singers of America. It is pleasant to listen to it, it is pleasant to look at it and in general, it filled with itself a frank niche spoiled western the priest - platforms. Many whom we see on the screen initially preferred bright scandalous image, and the further, the it turned out more brightly. Reached peak - Lady Gaga lifted popularity a dress from meat, Rihanna drew attention with infinitely changing shocking hairdresses and sexy dresses, and numerous scandalous videos of other famous performers caused rather a loss of interest in public.

The American marketing specialists chose right time and developed good strategy to advance a new product in the experienced market. The people missed an esthetics - mean, the product has to be pleasing to the eye externally first of all; millions of people have a depression - leaves, melancholic songs just with guarantee will cause success. And obligatory criteria: youth, heels and sadly naive eyes. Main objective of the project: to propagandize America in the best light, to remind the world who here main and, of course, to earn “zelenenky“.

As a result the image of the such fatal beauty in a short dress high-heeled was created whose long increased nails steadily hold a cigarette, and from - under false eyelashes here - here will overturn a tear. The project Lana Del Ray broke all records and mentioned the greatest number of segments of the market: representatives of both genders and ages smoking and non-smoking, happy and unfortunate, rich and poor. From its magnificent hairdress and the black liner on centuries blows as a pure glamour, so favourite both in our CIS, and in the Americanized communities. Generally, real success!

Gentle sexual videos, any sensuality at the same time (yes, Lana does not become bare on a platform), juicy advertizing and the paid interviews in all social media made the business: about Del Ray exorcized the whole world.

Did not consider only one: alive the girl sings, to put it mildly, rather weakly. Well nothing, our world is not ideal, and mistakes are inherent even in the most skilled of us. Nevertheless fans at Lana appeared much, and the “modest“ biography of the singer only urges on interest. Once the romantic American singing in church choir herself writes songs about unfortunate love to bad boys, and in her distinguished appearance there is no gram of silicone. It was not untwisted by the famous producers, is not present - she independently achieved popularity by means of video - the server Yu - tyyub just as Ivan Dorn. And we still trust in these fairy tales.

We with pleasure will eat any product presented in colourful packing even if it is made from the most artificial substances. Alas, the project Lana Del Ray forced us to recognize again that to compete with America we are still incapable …