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What is necessary for successful work with the children having endowments? And on the basis of everything is higher than

of the Condition of successful work with exceptional children
on the basis of the analysis of literature on this subject stated it is possible to designate the following conditions of successful work with exceptional children, and also its features:
• Creation and continuous improvement of methodical system of work with exceptional children.

• Recognition of teachers by collective and the management of school of the fact that realization of system of work with exceptional children is one of the priority areas of work of school.
• Contents of the training program has to provide detailed, profound studying of the most important problems, ideas and subjects which integrate knowledge with structures of thinking;
• The training program for exceptional children has to be under construction on skills, the children received earlier, namely on their practical application that allows pupils to rethink the available knowledge and to generate new;

• The special attention should be paid to difficult thought processes of children, their abilities to creativity and mastery;
• Encouragement of the statement of original ideas;
• Use of a personal example of creative approach to the solution of problems;
• Granting an opportunity to children is active to ask questions;
• Recognition earlier not of recognized or unused opportunities;

• Respect of desire of the pupil to work independently; • Never to give to
anything ready;
• Creation of conditions for manifestation of abilities of the child;
• The help to the child in development of abilities to plan independently, to organize and estimate the activity;

• Granting to the child opportunities to realize itself in different areas;
• To allow the child to have self-reliance, satisfaction from creativity.
Thus, conditions of successful development of exceptional children are many-sided also awareness of their importance by teachers, teachers, in particular, and social teachers, administration of educational institutions, residential areas (administrations of the cities, settlements etc.) will provide efficiency of their activities for the organization of work with exceptional children.

For more successful development of this contingent of pupils and their safe socialization I would like to offer the class teacher the following methodical recommendations:
1) It is necessary to show and possess the following qualities:
• Humanity;
• Democratism;
• Scientific character and integrativnost;
• Communicativeness;

• Emotional stability;
• Commitment;
• Adequate self-assessment;
• Ability to objectively estimate progress of exceptional children;
• Knowledge of age psychology;
• Aspiration to self-education, self-improvement;
• Insistence and ability to find approach to non-standard children;

• High level of intellectual and spiritual development;
• Erudition;
• Goodwill, keenness, pedagogical step;
• Existence of organizing abilities.
2) to Observe in work:
• Individualization and differentiation;
• Systematicity;

• A versatility of the given classes, actions etc. of
3) to Remember about:
• Existence of natural abilities of exceptional children to active and complete outlook;
• Prirodno - the caused requirement to brainwork;
• Aspiration to personal emotional independence;
• Intuitivism of these children;
• Their cognitive interest;

• Information erudition;
• A high level of development of the concrete sphere / spheres, depending on type and a type of endowments;
• High level of consciousness and culture of these children;
• High level morally - an esthetic reflection, introspection and self-checking.
4) Is necessary also:
• The organization and carrying out occupations with exceptional children;

• Development, correction of out-of-class actions of various orientation;
• Training of pupils, together with subject teachers, to the Olympic Games, competitions, viktorinamshkolny, regional, settlement level;
• Organization and control over a level of development of exceptional children;
• The organization of creative projects etc. of
needs Also to be remembered features of individual development of exceptional children, their interests and tendencies.

Here it is necessary not to forget about the pupils allocated with us during work with this contingent, the main, most priority problems of education of exceptional children:
• Education studying on the principles of universal humanistic morality;
• Formation of national consciousness;
• Formation of the spiritual culture caused by traditions of family education;
• Formation of high speech culture;

• Development in exceptional children of a sense of responsibility for preservation of national and universal values;
• Providing conditions for self-realization of abilities and tendencies of exceptional children;
• Development of methods of diagnostics and criteria of efficiency of educational process;
• Filosofsko - world outlook training of exceptional children as a basis of definition of the personal program of life;

• Orientation on individual programs of development of the creative person of the exceptional child.
For the most successful work with exceptional children needs to hold also consultations, conversations, etc. with parents of such children.
of the Recommendation to the parents having exceptional children:

1. It is necessary to remember that each child shows the abilities in own way.
2. It is not necessary to go in cycles that the child has endowments. First of all he is a child who needs the help, support and love of parents.
3. To avoid stereotypic thoughts concerning endowments (“presented - means abnormal, is not able to find places in the company of peers, to be unfortunate etc.).
4. It is impossible to deny or ignore unique abilities of the child.

5. Ideal parental reaction of acceptance of endowments of their child has to “lie“ somewhere in the middle between ignoring and operation of abilities of the child.
6. The brightest sign of endowments is a speech of the child, and not always result of any activity. Therefore the speech of the child needs to pay special attention.
7. Parental discovery of endowments of own child has to give rise to joyful expectation and readiness to solve the problems connected with it.

8. Parents need to stop in themselves the disarming concern which disturbs and suppresses vivacity the most important for the growing person of communication - communications between parents and children.