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How will organize work with exceptional children at schools of Russia?

Now our state began to pay to exceptional children considerably bigger attention, than a few years ago. At various levels (municipal, federal, etc.) new programs of work with such children are developed, provisions, concepts, improve conditions for their training.

Here some examples of the organization of work with exceptional children in different educational institutions.

In Municipal educational institution “Starochukalsky Main Comprehensive School of a Name of the Hero of Russia Oleg Dolgov“ own Program about work with exceptional children is developed, in it the purpose, tasks, the principles of work are defined, the main areas of work are planned. At school diagnostics of children (group, individual), tests of intelligence is carried out. Pupils are involved in activities for interests (the Olympic Games, competitions, reviews, etc.) .

Work with teachers (seminars, methodical work, trainings on development of personal qualities and prevention of emotional burning out), work with parents (cool meetings, individual consultations) is carried out.

At Grigoropolissky high educational school No. 2 the program of activity of pedagogical collective with exceptional children in which the purpose and tasks are accurately designated is developed, the databank on exceptional children, creative works of pupils, texts of the Olympic Games and intellectual competitions is created, recommendations about work with this category of school students are created. At this school the system of additional education of children, summer work practice, creative examinations, out-of-class works on objects, professional tests is organized. The scientific organization of pupils within which it is conducted scientifically - research activity of school students works.

Expertize of the training programs for children of the increased proficiency level is carried out. Transition to system of a portfolio in which the results of activity of children are summed up is carried out. Exhibitions of children`s creativity are held. Experience on technologies of creative and intellectual development is generalized in scientific collections.

In Shentaliysky district of the Samara region in regional library conditions of successful development of exceptional children after hours are created.

Employees of library in the activity are guided by two basic principles:
- Never to give anything ready: to awake the imagination of the child;
- to Help to keep endowments of children for adulthood.

The library builds the work on the following directions:
- Identification of exceptional children - an intellectual resource of a gymnasium - college;
- Creation of conditions for manifestation of abilities of the child;
- the Help to the child in development of abilities to plan independently, to organize, and to estimate the work;
- Granting to the child opportunities to realize itself in concrete area;
- to Allow the child to have self-reliance, satisfaction from creativity.

For example, for deeper studying of the subject “Patriotic War of 1812“ by the pupil were offered “The book for reading on stories. The XIX century“, encyclopedias, a compact - the disk “History of Russia and Its Closest Neighbours“. It promoted the most complete perception and judgment of this subject.

The created media library helps with work with exceptional children, children work with pleasure about a compact - disks. Ilyin E. P.
developed in a complex - the target program “Exceptional children“ which is intended tasks, the main priority directions, the psychologist - the pedagogical analysis of development of pupils of school.

The diagnostic tools of identification of exceptional children are presented. The program includes recommendations about the organization of training of exceptional children, introduction of elements and systems of training of different level of complexity, use of elements of training of L. Zankov, uchebno - the methodical complexes “School 2100“, “Harmony“. Versatile and individual work with exceptional children on a general education cycle is planned.

Implementation of the program assumes participation of children in the school, city, regional, federal Olympic Games in objects, creation of system of stimulation of pupils, the psychologist - pedagogical support of exceptional children, preventive actions for protection of their health.