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What houseplants symbolize good luck, wealth, love?

deliver Houseplants many pleasant minutes to the owners. A cosiness and comfort of the house, good mood, minutes of pleasure fine - all this give us flowers. Whether but many of us know that some plants are capable to bring to the house good luck, wealth and love? Yes, quite so. And about these properties of houseplants today the speech will also go. it can be trusted

B, and it is possible not to trust, but there are many flower growers considering that many plants possess surprising power which attracts good luck and happiness to the house.

Simple and unpretentious plants - the geranium, an azalea and a begonia, help to achieve with success life. In the Asian countries believe that if in the house there is an azalea, then hosts will live long and happily.

A geranium in the neighbourhood with an azalea - a prosperity source in the house. And their neighbourhood - an indispensable condition for this purpose.

Many heard and know about a so-called “monetary tree“ - a crassula. It is so called not for nothing. This plant, according to national beliefs, brings money and wealth to the house. It is recommended even in a pot with a crassula to dig in a coin. The Latin name of this tree - a krassul. It is considered a tree of prosperity and wellbeing. And if it also blossomed - with confidence expect wealth.

Except this plant, attract money to the house the following window plants: asparagus, astrofitum, yucca, fern. And ordinary cactus. One more national belief is connected with it: if in the house there is a cactus, to robbers there the entrance is closed.

One more source of material prosperity and wellbeing - Sander`s dragon tree, or “happiness bamboo“. As a symbol of success and financial prosperity consider this surprising plant. For this reason for businessmen it needs to be had in the house. For fund raising on the first escape of this plant it is possible to bind a ribbon of red color or golden, and also a sheaf from three coins. In the office rooms it is quite good to people of business “to lodge“ also mint. It attracts clients and buyers.

The financial genius by right is considered bugenvilleya. This plant is closely connected with energy and power of money.

A wellbeing source in the house - an incomparable and charming orchid. A widespread dragon tree - some kind of symbol of luck and success. The same can be told also about citrus trees.

It is interestingly possible to tell also about a ficus much. The charm of this plant does him by the favourite of many. It gives to the owners rest and comfort. And also attracts good luck to the house. Still for a long time this plant is considered the keeper of the family center. But there is more to come. Many believe that the ficus brings good luck to the women expecting appearance of the baby. And if this flower is given to the married couple which does not have posterities, then replenishment to their family is guaranteed.

It is not lucky in private life? You should not be upset. Try to get in the house of oxafoxes (in a different way a plant call kisliyets) or a hibiscus (in the people the Chinese rose). The first flower is considered a love symbol, the second - passions.

Lonely women need to get a spathiphyllum in the house. This flower is called not for nothing female happiness. In the people there is a belief that this plant by all means will help the girl (woman) to meet the half. And having couple - to become mother.

It is possible to speak about flowers long. To admire them - also. Something is missing in your house? Perhaps, it is worth remembering houseplants. Their salutary power surely will help. The main thing - to trust in it …