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Who founded Harbin polytechnical institute and where there is Kolchak`s gold?

war Died down, political disorders in far Russia began, and in Manchuria everything took its course, in the old manner. The city of Harbin was under construction and grew before the eyes. Inflow of refugees after October events of 1917 and Civil war gave a new powerful impulse to a development of the city.

the Monument to the Russian science in Harbin - the polytechnical institute

B with active support of D. L. Horvat opens 1920 russko - the Chinese technical school (further - Harbin polytechnical institute).

As the fates decree the teaching guard of the Russian science which appeared in Manchuria readily joined in “construction of the first European HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION“ of China. Many surnames of the Russian experts - professors, engineers, technicians, are entered by gold letters in history HPI.

The excellent organizer and the scientist Alexey Alekseevich Shchelkov headed institute. In 2010 when “pets of HPI“ were flown from the different cities of the World to Harbin to note 90 - the anniversary of the basis of their “Alma Mater“, I the first time visited the museum of institute. And a bit later got acquainted and made friends with his workers, and after a while we found also a reason for cooperation.

The matter is that at many stands of the museum I very much did not like blank spaces instead of photos of the Russian founding fathers of Institute, his heads, chief specialists, teachers and graduates. I asked the staff of the museum - why there are no photos. We cannot find anywhere - explained to me.

I first of all got into the Politekhnik magazines presented to me by great friends of the Russian Club in Harbin Igor Savitsky (the president Harbinsko - the Chinese Historical Society) and Innokenti Suvorov - the former harbinets living now in Sydney. Then - dived into networks of the all-knowing Internet, it was written off with the friends - historians. Also found four photos of board members of Society HPI - V. N. Borzov, G. K. Gins, V. F. Kovalsky, E. H. Nilus. And two photos of the famous graduates - architects: M. A. Bakich, Yu. V. Smirnov. I transferred all these materials to the museum free of charge on behalf of the Russian club in Harbin. Today we continue our cooperation.

of the Riddle of Harbin

the Temple which disappeared . In Harbin three temples for the sake of the Lady Day were built. The last, third temple, built whole the father-in-law of years, having finished and having consecrated it in 1941.

In the period of “cultural revolution“ in it there was a circus school - under a dome of the God`s temple as under the big top, actors perfected the skill … And in 90 - x years of the last century the Blagoveshchensk temple disappeared. It was not blown up. It was gone.

Studying of materials explained a riddle. The authorities sorted a dome and a belltower of the temple and built up it outside. The new building turned out, and old as though evaporated.

Kolchak`s gold. They say that in Harbin there is the well-known “Kolchak`s gold“. Like, assuming the worst option of succession of events, Alexander Vasilyevich with the entrusted people transported rather considerable part of gold reserves to the capital of Manchuria. But he was not fated to use these financial resources for continuation of armed struggle against “red“ - he was shot in Irkutsk in the early February morning 1920.

Who knows - can be, someone is fated to find these treasures? Study material, come to expedition! Let`s look together!

Icons “brushes Wang - Gog“. On antiquarian disorders of Harbin also can meet to this day unique old things - the wall clock and pocket, icons, books, ware. My friend bought about two years ago a small bronze figurine of the dancing girl. After carrying out examination in Russia he received the official document - the knickknack is more than 200 years old.

Somehow we arrived with our Russian orthodox priest to these malls. There showed us six temple big icons, written on metal (allegedly from the main Harbin temple - It is sacred - St. Nicholas Cathedral). For strengthening of desire to buy these rarities from us, the seller with pride declared that they are written by Van Gogh! Cheerful children are the Chinese dealers …

It is rumored that on the last Russian cemetery “Huangshan“ (the Yellow Mountain) in bushes of a long-term wild lilac there are tombs of three Russian nuns from the Vladimir convent who are brutally killed by the Japanese military in 1938 or 1940. I will not go into details, but on Huangshan there are graves of the first builders of KVZhD, white officers, famous heads and public figures, doctors.

On a separate site, in a bema of a cemetery chapel the last orthodox priests are buried: the priest Grigory Zhu is the last prior of the Pokrovsk temple, the archpriest Stefan At - the last prior Svyato - the Nikolsky cathedral, the father Valentin Baryshnikov - the last prior Svyato - the Iversky temple.

Here the most famous prayer book in Harbin and sacred life of people - skhiigumen Ignatiy (in the world - Evfaly Aleksandrovich Melekhin) from Kazansko - the Bogoroditsky man`s monastery passed away. The Russian Orthodox Church considers by the Abroad that skhiigumen Ignatiy will be surely canonized … by

About a Harbin cemetery, destinies of harbinets eventually, I am ready to tell a unique story of Harbin for hours. But it is the best of all as popular wisdom speaks, to see once, than to hear hundred times. Come to Harbin, look with all the eyes - and you fall in love with this city on the bank of Songhua, the most Russian of all Chinese cities!