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How to bake “woman Luda“? About the grandma of carrot, red and solar

the Desire to prepare something such arises differently. This and spotted, and poprobovanny, and just on mood. You do something spontaneously, and prepare for something long and carefully. Because hooked, it became interesting and you cannot but prepare it. Or at least not to try.

So was with my first Easter cakes. The victory was difficult and nervous. But, having reached this top, understood that my family on the eve of Easter expects nothing else from me. And I that, please, the dearest relatives. Only it is interesting to me further. Because the easter baking, this not only their majesty Easter cakes, but also cakes, and such, would seem lovely trifles as of the grandma .

In general grandmas for me are such yellow bochonochka with glazed top. Sweet childhood memory. The bakery in my native Ural town did them not only is closer to Easter, and all the year round. They were concerned with raisin, smelled of vanilla, and I, generally, could not suffer them. Some rubber they were. But the smell from our Snezhinsk grandmas in a bakery quite specifically knocked you down. The hand again and again joyfully stretched to the aunt behind cash desk of a coin, and sweet yellow bochonochek removed to my children`s palm.

Then grandmas as the phenomenon were gone, for some reason ceased to bake them. And having moved to another - big and serious - the city, I in general forgot about them. Well little grandmas in the big city were not concerned.

Once touched old, saved up from Soviet period, recipes. Came across small cutting with the recipe, tempting on simplicity. Cutting was, most likely, from “Worker“ or “Peasant“ - and why they were written out then, only from - for leaflets with councils for housekeeping? Still I reconsider sometimes, even takes the breath away as we lived and from what and that only was done.

The recipe was called “The carrot grandma“ . At once also the grandmas from a bakery of my childhood and who struck with a variety recipes of classical grandmas from recipe-books were remembered. Aha, remembered that is called.

Honestly, real little grandmas not of a scorching heat. I wait for inspiration. I use only council to roll just baked rolls on a board. Cooling down, sides become stronger and perfectly hold a form. Quite so I cool fresh Easter cakes.

The found recipe was without any special molds, just as cake or sweet bread. Hooked the simplicity. Made.

When I bake for the first time something, I try to do strictly according to the recipe. Here made everything also, but changed sequence of introduction of products a little (I hate the word “ingredient“).

Only in a saucepan: 0,5 St. milk, 20 g of yeast (1 h l. dry will approach), 3 eggs, 250 g of polished carrots, 500 g of flour, 150 g of butter, 1 Art. of sugar, 0,5 h l. salts.

In practice: shook up eggs with sugar almost to a standing state, added one and a half large carrots grated on a small grater, the yeast dismissed in milk, a glass of the sifted flour. After the first raising of a support, added kindled and slightly cooled down slivochnoyemaslo. When again rose - gradually (!) 3,5 glasses of flour. Kneaded a spoon to feel density of the test. It is necessary as dough on Easter cakes - is soft, gently and not abruptly. When again rose, laid out in the form oiled vegetable - and in the oven warmed to 160 degrees. Baked 50 minutes at 160 - 170. It was possible to take out slightly earlier, then the top not so “will blush“.

Total: color amazing, it is bright - yellow, carrots is possible more, it is obligatory to salt (!) it is possible not to feel sorry for sugar too. Smell of rich pastries and carrot pleasure. On taste a surprising combination of carrot freshness, tenderness and sour fancy pastry. Very equal taste. If not to salt, then carrot smack will be not such bright. What, by the way, is pleasant to me.

Synovo of the summary:

- It that?

- Carrot grandma.

Sits, chews, thoughtfully considers a cut.

- It is not the carrot grandma, this is the woman - Lyudina the grandma.

And that, so also is. The grandmother - that at us ryzhenky!

Generally, the carrot grandma was brought at us among pies and cakes. Well looks. And I wish the same to you.