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Why the militia was renamed into police?

For many citizens this state invention remain still unclear. Let`s look into it. I want to note at once that article will answer only a question why renamed, but not, why...

the president of the Russian Federation (then still this post was held by D. A. Medvedev) on the eve of renaming noted national character of militia and suggested to depart from this outdated name which remained even since October revolution.

It is worth understanding an origin of these words. The term “militia“ came from the Latin word “militia“ that in translation into Russian “militia“, “army“ means. If to consult the explanatory dictionary of Ojegov, then it is possible to decide precisely on concept of a militia (it “the military formation created for the aid to field army, mainly on a voluntary basis“). Therefore, militia it is possible to call only the armed volunteers from among citizens.

Concept in itself “militia“ is a reminder on those revolutionary times which remained in the past long ago.

In turn, the term “police“ came from the antique concept “policy“ (city). The police is urged to protect a public order in the form of various government bodies and services.

For the first time in Russia the police was founded by Peter I in 1718. It existed up to 1917 when different types of militias began to appear (national, working, it is working - country).

In many European countries this name - police meets. Many even think that, renaming militia into police, our legislators just once again follow an example of the West. Of course, too you should not deny it, but the main reason for change it is necessary to designate irrevocable transition to creation of new society and state.

Alexander Smirnov, the manager scientifically - exposition department of the Museum of political history of Russia, was about it expressed as follows: “... As you will call the ship, so it also will float“, - noting both positive, and negative sides in this change.

However, there is no consensus about it: for someone the name of structure does not matter at all, for someone the term “militia“ is associated with fear and humiliation, for someone the term “police“ does not cause trust, someone sees in this renaming only attempt to find the next application for means from the state budget.

There is a lot of options, and sense one: it is important that together with the name something else changed for the better. It is necessary to establish the status of present police so that to replace neglect, mistrust, fear and the other negative feelings of citizens arising sometimes at appearance of these authorities absolutely opposite came. And what for this purpose is necessary? To show the high level of professionalism, including culture, mutual respect, politeness, etc. of

the police by definition is by all means characterized by the high level of professionalism. And the militia is so, volunteers.