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What colors best of all with each other are combined?

If you successfully use similar information, then will be able and to dress tastefully, and it is correct to issue the room and to help someone important council...

Before passing directly to combinations of flowers, it should be noted some rules.

1. Excellently one color near the shades looks (for example, blue with blue, violet with lilac).

2. You should not combine bright colors with each other. To bright color it is necessary to select less bright combinations to avoid disharmony (for example, use brightly - red with faintly - yellow, it is bright - green with dark-brown). Dark colors with each other will also not be able to create stylish composition. Try that one color could even though slightly - slightly, but to kill another.

3. There are some colors and their shades which together you should not use at all: blue with green, red with green and with violet, violet with claret and with blue, orange with yellow.

4. Well and last rule: combine with each other a cold color, their shades (blue and pink, for example).

Now we will pass directly to combinations of flowers and their shades. In advance sorry, that not all possible compositions will be sorted. Thereby I hurry to grant also to readers the right for authorship in this subject.

We will begin with white: it is combined with any flowers. And here his “opponent“ - black - as it is strange, not will approach every color. For example, black with blue will not be able to have the necessary positive effect. Here it should be taken into account special instructions: use black with red, with pink, with yellow, with orange, with lilac, with lime (I think, you will guess, about what color the speech).

Beige color, as well as white, will create composition pleasant to an eye practically with any shades both violet, and blue, and green, and yellow, and brown. Separately it would be worth allocating especially suitable: crimson, peach, gold, lilac, silvery. By means of beige color it is possible to hide shortcomings easily.

I cannot but pay your attention to the ruler consisting from blue, pink, gray, lilac. Their order of transfer is not casual: blue to lilac not especially will approach, also as well as gray to blue, but blue will perfectly look with pink, and gray - with lilac. With blue and lilac tone will be able to create quite good composition both yellow, and orange, with gray - peach and turquoise.

Now we will walk directly on a rainbow. Let`s begin with red. We do not forget that this color - is quite impudent (especially bright). It approaches not all flowers. Among the most successful combinations it should be noted black, blue, yellow. For example, the shade of red - claret - would look well with gray and beige, and brown - with yellow, with blue.

Still here it would be desirable to mention a so-called leopard coloring. With it well look black, white, red, brown, blue, violet.

But we will return to a rainbow. With orange color It is necessary to distinguish from the most successful compositions violet, blue and green tone.

Further we will stop on the preferences used with yellow color: it is black, violet, blue, green, red. Light tone really approach many bright flowers. But in this case avoid the following combinations to yellow: pink, blue, lilac and gray shades.

We pass to the following step of a rainbow - to green. With this color use brown, orange, yellow, lime.

We already mentioned about blue - we will not repeat. Better on border of green and blue we will consider... for example, turquoise, so widespread recently. Will approach it, respectively, not only blue and green, but also brown, both bronze, and orange, and yellow, and violet.

Now we will more attentively consider blue color. It perfectly will approach also to blue (as the shade), both to gray, and to red, and yellow.

With violet the best combinations will form such colors as pink, orange and yellow.

I wish you successful color combinations and pleasant pastime in the course of their selection!