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Where the shpansky front sight lives? About a wonderful lilac, a terrible smell and Google of

C of what the spring begins? Not that timid girl - the teenager with the first thaw and the first snowdrops, and spring, so to speak, sure, mature - in full gloss and beauty? For me - from a lilac high water.

In a lilac all city (I live in Almaty), everything is filled in with delightful aroma. And what improbable variety of shades of color and smell! From snowy - white to darkly lilac, almost black. Of course, terry aristocrats grow mainly under supervision - behind a fencing, being pleasing to the eye powerful inflorescences of the most various shades. And in squares, on streets, along roads plants unpretentious, meet with pale brushes more often. But it does not prevent them to please sense of smell with the most delicate aroma. Spring without lilac - not spring!

Popularity of a lilac is caused not only beauty and a smell, but also its unpretentiousness and survivability. This perennial plant, unlike fruit-trees, is not subject to diseases and bitterish foliage not to taste to harmful caterpillars.

I would be sure of it to this day if … But all one after another.

Being going at the beginning of May to the dacha where at the gate the huge bush darkly - a lilac lilac - my lawful pride grew, I anticipated as I will carry home huge armfuls and I will present with them acquaintances. In last arrival the lilac only - only began to blossom, now - it is high time. Opening gate, was going to inhale wonderful aroma.

But aroma per se was not. There was a sickening vile stench through which hardly - lilac notes hardly made the way. And flowers … From the majority of brushes there were veins only picked, covered with a rust. There was an impression that the lilac faded. And leaves … all very young leaflets of an obgryzena at the edges, they became similar to birch.

Upset, I stood, having stared at an obgryzenny branch when in this world, that is on a leaf, the bug got out. Graceful, narrow, two centimeters long, in sparkling it is yellow - green clothes, he would be an aristocrat of the zhuchiny world (it to you not a thick ordinary-looking earth-boring dung beetle) if... did not begin to smell. Something average between a stench long ago not of a chishchenny rat cage and the decaying drop. With such protection to these bugs no enemies are terrible - any bird will disdain to touch such production.

Neighbors (the pensioners who are constantly living in the country) told that bugs in a huge number appeared a few days ago, guzzle all ornamental shrubs and stink so that close it is impossible to approach plants. And whether I by means of omnipotent Google can find out what the infection and as to struggle with it is. Nothing similar was earlier.

Coming back home, I all - cut off several branches of a lilac which are not too damaged by sight. Well though to be glad a little to favourite flowers.

Better I would not do it. In the car to me it became bad, from the disgusting smell muffling aroma of a lilac stirred up. Nothing, I will put flowers in a bathtub at home, I will wash up - perhaps this muck will disappear.

Aha! As if not so! In a night the bathroom was smelled so that it was opposite to come into it. The lilac had to be thrown out, and the stench - is not present yes had an effect all week.

Naturally, on Google I was rummaged around. And to my surprise there was no limit. You know how call this vile the skunk? Shpansky front sight! Yes, this brilliant bug - that shpansky front sight which was a part of love drink, causing drama collisions and ambiguous situations in gallant times.

Its Latin name Lytta vesicatoria, and belongs it to the class of bugs - naryvnik, toxic agents of their internal liquid - a haemo lymph - at hit on skin cause a burn, an inflammation; if get to a wound - long beginning to live abscess, and having got inside, break activity of an urinogenital path, in high doses - and zheludochno - intestinal. The matter is that it contains a cantharidine - aromatic uglevorod, the strongest poison causing death if its quantity is rather high. It cannot be received otherwise, except as from an organism of naryvnik, and the concept is how big “enough“, it is possible to judge by the fact that the dose applied in the medical purposes is equal two ten-thousand gram - 0,0002. By the way, use of salt of a cantharidine as tuberculosis medicine was inefficient.

And here is how aphrodisiac it (in the form of an extract from a shpansky front sight) was very popular many centuries. However, no romantic inclination to a certain person in love drink existed. Pure physiology. Irritating an urethra cover, the cantharidine caused swelling of a penis, strengthening of allocation of a secret and reduction of muscles. And as tincture from shpansky front sights is colourless and has no smell, used it often without the knowledge of “host“. Regular use of a preparation led to serious diseases of an urinogenital path and lethal outcomes at overdose.

The nature, having allocated bugs with a dreadful smell, warns: do not touch! And do not touch - either birds, or animals (speak, hedgehogs can consume, but quickly decay and die). And people to the prevention do not vnemlt!

We will forgive to inhabitants of the Middle Ages flippant attitude a shpansky front sight: they had no sufficient information. But also today, despite an accurate explanation of pharmacological action of a cantharidine, the warning of its toxicity, on a number of the websites is persistently advertized “the most effective aphrodisiac - a shpansky front sight“.

Alas, I did not find a miracle way of fight against invasion of a shpansky front sight in Google. Unless to sprinkle a little detsisy - it everything kills. What will be with a lilac in the city in a couple of years when the infection reaches there? Though, it seems, the number of bugs depends not so much on quantity of the adult individuals capable to lay eggs how many from the number of intermediate “owners“ - earth bees in whose eggs larvae of a shpansky front sight develop.