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Hair drop out? Art of massage of the head of

All of us know that there is a massage of a back, hands and legs. But not many know that they are as well massage of the head. It improves blood supply, strengthens hair follicles, activates food of hair - and therefore brings a certain benefit in fight against their loss. Professional high-quality massage you can receive

in Spa - salons and beauty shops. But if there is no time and an opportunity to address professionals, skills of improving massage can be mastered and most.

the easiest way
Take yourself for hair and gently pull. Walk so on all head. If skin on the head “burns“, means all of you made correctly - hair grow.

Massage by means of a brush

the Head it is more preferable to span to massage the soft brush made of a natural bristle. Before the very first use the brush needs to be washed out well water with soap. The movements have to be circular, easy and simple - from temples to the top. The following movements by a brush - from temples to a forehead, then in the opposite direction. It is possible to experiment, applying the zigzag movements.

Massage of the head with use of palms
Such type of massage also exerts positive impact on blood circulation. Massage begins sideways the heads, near the right ear. On this place it is necessary to put a palm. Slightly press a palm on the head. It is necessary that the head rendered counteraction. Will be enough from five to seven pressings. Further the same exercise repeats on the left side of the head, from a nape and frontal part. Such massage can be done imperceptibly for people around, having bent and having leaned the head on one of hands.

Classical massage
should be Begun with always with grindings in a forehead, temples and a nape. Then it is possible to pass to that area where hair settle down gradually. First of all the stroking movements from frontal part to a nape are carried out. Then to ears, beginning from parietal area. Massage should not have the injuring effect on hair. The movements always have to be carried out along hair. It is possible to use the movements in the form of a spiral or circular, for every taste. Massage of the head should be carried out within ten minutes. After completion of massage it is useful to massage a vorotnikovy zone also.

Careful massage through division of hair into hair partings
Raising one lock of hair, a finger-tip conduct along the head, massing thereby skin on both sides of a lock. Massage of one lock to be carried out about one minute, further it is possible to begin to mass other lock. The distance between locks undertakes in two - three centimeters.

Massage prostukivaniy
Edges of the clenched fists or small pillows of a palm try to tap the head from a forehead and temples, finishing this procedure on a nape at a neck. How strongly it decides to knock - everyone individually. There is a wish to note also that this way will perfectly relieve you of a headache!

It is better to carry out massage in morning or an evening. Hands have to be pure. Massage has to be calming and give the weakening effect. At the increased temperature it is better to refuse massage not to provoke an aggravation. Massage at a hypertensive illness and various inflammations is not recommended.

Let you will always have beautiful and healthy hair. Be attractive and happy!