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Whether it is possible to liquidate a gap in education and fashionably to put on?

“Selecting clothes, pay attention to variety of design ideas and uniqueness of collections, try to be at peak of fashionable tendencies“, - I read in women`s magazine, and once again to me it became sad and it is a shame.

Probably, in this life any more I am not fated “to be at peak“ and to comprehend incomprehensible higher mathematics - modern fashion.

The mood absolutely deteriorated when the girlfriend called and reported nearly crying that again quarreled with the daughter. “Reason? The same: the next jacket - spangles, frills, a naked navel. I stated everything that I think of its clothes, of waste of money and lack of taste. The daughter with offense told that all can criticize, and here from you will not wait for a practical advice. And what I can advise it if I understand nothing in modern fashion? “

“Fashion is not for me, did not teach us to it“, - many women claim, and they are right. There are special abilities which the girl can gain not at school but only in a family, only from the woman: how to look after clothes, to select clothes, to pay attention to a combination of flowers, to consider features of a figure etc. of

Unfortunately, our dear mothers did not give the rest to us of many female knowledge. Other vital purposes faced then them: to feed, learn, give a start in life. And clothes? It not the most important, is necessary that it was convenient, modest, not striking and inexpensive. Brought up thus, we did not teach also our daughters fashionably to put on and with taste. In days of permanent deficiency put on that could get for reasonable price, standing in hours-long turns.

Figuratively speaking our training in the subject “fashion“ stopped in the first class on the multiplication table. And then we were transferred to the tenth at once and began to tell about brands and trends, sharp combinations and new trends, that is suggested to go in for the higher mathematics.

However nothing comes out of the sack but what was in it - women with an innate sense of style are born not so often as, however, and Sofya Kowalewski. And there are we, dvoyechnitsa, is guilty having bent the heads before strict teachers - fashion designers, and those sigh disappointedly - a pier and, it is a pity, you did not equal our hopes. Look at honors pupils - Frenchwomen, you are able to put on, look good the hell beautifully, and... eh!

Once, traveling around the Internet, I found small article - the modest list from 24 points with the amazing name “Universal Basic Clothes of the Modern Woman“ (for brevity UBG).

“That`s great!“ - I was delighted. Same the fact that it is necessary for us! Invaluable help! Now will be guided much easier in the world of fashion and to put on stylishly. It was pleasant to me that UBG is picked up practically for all age and considers also color shades of clothes. Interestingly? And let`s esteem together:

1. The double-breasted cashmere coat similar on man`s, color - bezh.
2. A trench (a double-breasted raincoat of a direct silhouette, long below a knee, with the coquette and a big turn-down collar) colors khaki.
3. A cashmere cardigan (a woolen jacket on a figure without collar with deep cut on buttons) or a jumper, color - black / gray / beige.
4. A leather short black jacket for young girls, park - for adults.
5. White blouse of simple male breed.
6. An undershirt - a t-shirt with short sleeves, color - white / gray / black.
7. A white undershirt - the alcoholic.
8. A black suit - a tuxedo (i.e. trousers + a jacket).
9. Darkly - blue jeans, almost black color.
10. Small black dress.
11. A black skirt - a pencil.
12. High (jockey) boots, color - black / dark-brown.
13. Shoes on hairpins, color - black / corporal.
14. Shoes - flats, color - gray / white / beige / black.
15. Gym shoes are low white.
16. A small handbag - a clutch or an envelope.
17. A bag on a chain of the size of the book.
18. A volume bag with two handles, color - bezh.
19. Large sunglasses - pilots, such points go all.
20. Stylish hours similar to man`s.
21. Long string of pearls.
22. A scarf or a shawl of that color which well shades the person.
23. Bright silk square scarf.
24. The wide belt from monophonic skin turning any dress or a shirt into an evening dress.

Of course, “UBG“ - not panacea, but even attempt of creation of such list deserves gratitude. In effect, to us try to help to liquidate a gap in fashionable education.

Naturally, there are women who will never put on jockey boots, and there are those which do not think to themselves of life without wide-brimmed hat. Us - millions, and all of us are very different.

It is clear, that we select any clothes taking into account the addictions and taste, features of a figure, climate, finance, customs and habits.

But I think that “The universal basic clothes“ are that oven from which it is possible to dance information to reflection and a signal to action.

They say that the fashion is a game, but not the higher mathematics. But, though the mathematician from me any, I all - decided to risk, I ask not to judge me strictly. I tried to work out the equation where x = OK (o`ky) = fashionably the dressed woman, UBG - universal basic clothes of the modern woman, in brackets - the firm preferred by you (that to offend nobody, we will take loved by Verka Serdyuchka “Dolche and Gabana“), and is 2 two times to the veseena - summer and the oseena - winter updating of collections. You watch what turned out:

OK = UBG + (the D &G)*2

And if to add to the received result still a stylish hairstyle, an easy make-up and good mood... All! Frenchwomen nervously smoke in a corridor.