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How DEPECHE MODE created first “masterpieces“? To birthday of Dave Gahan

- x years the relation fate - fans to electronic music was very scornful - it was considered dead, enlisted in the category of “a barefaced pop-music“, and was for what. DEPECHE MODE became one of the first groups which radically changed this relation, having shown that electronic music can be interesting, deep and substantial. with

However, fans accurate classification also DISPATCHES which long tormented with a question confused: “If you fate - group, then where your guitars?“. Today such idiotic questions are not asked any more - DEPECHE MODE is unambiguous became classics, and electronics so merged with all other genres that it became simple to hang up labels there is nothing.

Paying a tribute of respect of one of favorite bands of youth, today I will begin the story about the most sign songs of this British quartet.

of “Everything Counts“ (1983)

Though participants of DEPECHE MODE, as well as is necessary to youths of the end of 1970 - x, were fond the punk - fate, by the time of creation of group their interests already lay in the sphere of electronics. Vince Clark, Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher and Dave Gahan became one of “pioneers“ of a sinta - a bottom - style modnyavy, youth, but very superficial. It is enough to listen to their first large hit “Just Can`t Get Enough“ of 1981. As the poet spoke, “When you would know from what litter...“.

Personally I albums DEPECHE MODE till 1983, at all respect, cannot listen. But boys grew and matured not only physically. Besides after the first album the group was left by the chief composer Vince Clark. Alan Uaydler came to a blank space, and the burden of writing of songs was charged itself by a “curly-headed chubchik“ - Martin Gore. Evolution of group went promptly.

As a certain transitional moment from a sinta - the priest to original DEPECHE MODE style can be considered the song “Everything Counts“ (“All is estimated“).

By the time of its record DEPECHE MODE just got two digital samplers, and became one of the first who lifted the principle of sampling on the level of a true art. It was not that simple compilation of sounds of audiolibraries which we often hear now. The DISPATCH, like geological prospectors, literally hunted for unusual sounds, processed them and did by those highlights which decorated already good songs.

If to watch the clip on “Everything Counts“, then it is possible to see how musicians play the most unusual instruments - Fletcher on the medieval ancestor of an oboe - a shoma, Uaydler - on a xylophone, Gore on klavishno - a wind instrument of “Melodica“. And though they on them did not play realities, all sounds of these tools are present at the song in the form of samples.

Unusual sounds undertook not only in the musical environment, but also directly from surrounding life. For example, near studio in the Western Berlin where the album registered, there was a building. The roar and hum would hardly please normal musicians, but DISPATCHES concerned to them as to a source of ideas for new samples. For example, percussions in “Everything Counts“ are accompanied by the strange gnashing sound which origin musicians already also do not remember.

Alan Uaydler:
“Possibly, it.

the Contents of the song “Everything Counts“ were a little atypical for a sinta too - the priest - groups. Gore decided to plunge into the abyss of social criticism, and subjected to attacks the world of business with its exhausting competition, hypocrisy and brutal pragmatism.

The schedule on a wall
Will tell all to
Now imagine
I you will see as
Lie and deception gradually
Added the power
With suntan
I a smile

of the Hand grabby
there are enough all that can
All for themselves -
the world of the competition
Everything is taken into account by big wholesale

of Martine Gore: “Me it did not concern
yet. Not bad is to me. It just supervision“.

It is known that the main vocal of DEPECHE MODE is the low and gloomy pipe voice of Dave Gahan. However, in the song “Everything Counts“ allowed to sing also to Gore. Its thinner and soft voice sounds in a refrain, shading Dave`s voice (subsequently, this reception is used still more than once).
the Single from songs left in June, 1983 and reached the 6th place in British a hit - parade. It was felt that DEPECHE MODE are on the threshold of new break.

Andrew Fletcher about an album of 1983:
“To people should hear the name DEPECHE MODE, and they think that the new single is the next sweet pop song. I hope, they will attentively listen to a new album - they are waited by a surprise“.

of “People Are People“, “Master And Servant“ (1984)

the “real“ DEPECHE MODE - gloomy and romantic begins i Only with an album of 1984 “Some Great Reward“ for me. Personally it is difficult for me to select some one song. “Lie To Me“, “Stories Of Old“, “Blasphemous Rumours“ - almost all songs of a plate are extremely good.

Musicians decided to combine business with pleasure. So they released the first single quite pop on sounding of “People Are People“ (“People are people“).

Alan Uaydler: “Actually game on tools in “People Are People“ have not enough
. Actually, there one samples.
... I realized that this song can become one more dancing hit so we added a little metal sounding, and the single began to sound absolutely differently - in is mute the soul appeared“.
One sample was “created“ by

from gurgle of Gore to which added a bell and timpani. Another was received from the records made during air flight. When the stewardess read the instruction on safety rules, the flaw opened the door, and passengers began to laugh. From a laughter and scraps of the phrase of the stewardess “... tion cards, ha, ha, ha, ha..... tion cards, ha, ha, ha, ha“ (“... struktion, ha-ha-ha … struktion, ha-ha-ha ….“) also received that sound which can be heard in a refrain.

The contents of the song were a little naive and rather typical for the progressive public of times of “cold war“ and the national conflicts. Not without reason in the video shot on the warship - the museum in Belfast, there are a lot of documentary shots with participation of the Soviet army.

Yes, we have different skin colors
I at us different religions
I at different people the different shortcomings...

People are people, then why so has to be
That you and I have to belong so awfully to each other? “

Calculation for an occasion of the single “People Are People“ entirely came true. It became for that time the best achievement of group, as on the homeland (the “gold“ status and 4 - e the place), and in the USA (13 - e the place). Also Adrian Sherwood made on the song an unusual remix with a little other name - “Are People People?“.

The second single was in every respect brighter and more interesting (and precisely skandalny) than “People Are People“, but it was waited much by smaller success. The speech, of course, goes about the song “Master And Servant“ (“The owner and the servant“) touching a subject, becoming fashionable, a sado-masochism. However, Martin Gore put much wider contents in the song. It was also tried to be displayed in the clip where not so much switches and chains, how many shots with everyone high-ranking “owners of life“.

Here all as in life
Is the play between the
pages Where you above I at your legs
I forget
A about equality forever of
Let`s play the owner and the servant

But fears concerning radio rotation on BBC all - remained. The management of radio requested the text and, surprisingly musicians, obscene it seemed only to one person (and that, during acceptance of a final decision successfully appeared on holiday).
generally, to good whether to a harm, but scandal for some reason did not happen.

In the same, as for execution, “Master And Servant“ was above all praises. From the first cry “It`s a lot!“ , sung Gore`s falsetto, Gahan`s baritone, the song right there was engraved in the memory. There was a rigid sound accompanied with blow of a switch further. This switch long did not manage to be written down, and the owner of record company Daniel Miller had to simulate its sounding - he just hissed in the microphone, and then the sound was processed.

Alan Uaydler:
“To write down it it was quite cheerful. If it is very good to listen, then besides blows of a switch there it is heard as two bezildonsky girls sing “Treat me like a dog“ (“Treat me, as a dog“)“.

generally, musicians were satisfied with the song. The only thing that enraged them - it is dance in the clip which was developed by the French choreographer and which Uaydler called “the most shameful moment for all history of video“ .

As you can guess, on it my story about DISPATCHES is not finished. For now it is possible to refresh memory, having glanced in the first comment to article and having listened to the above described songs.