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Code of behavior of the owner of a dog. Whether there is it?

Unfortunately, some owners of dogs do not even reflect that there are rules which they have to know and carry out. Love to the quadruped satellite - it is healthy, but when it eclipses all the rest and the owner of a dog represents for people around a burden or even sometimes threat, it is sad.

Most important that I want to tell brothers - dog breeders:

- Friends! Do not forget that we - a separate caste. Not all love animals, not everyone understands delights of possession of a dog, and our purpose - to make our coexistence with “bessobachny“ citizens the quietest and comfortable for both parties. On our behavior judge all dog lovers, give on the example we will make pleasant impression about all of us.

I will try to state the main code of behavior which is developed personally by me on the basis of possession of a dog and after reading various debate about dogs in the city. I will make a reservation at once - everything that will be read by you below, we with my four-footed “girlfriend“ try to observe accurately, that is rules will be for hundred percent of practical character.

1. The first clause has to be implemented Before you had a dog. It concerns to those who for the first time decided to get a puppy, professional dog breeders with an experience can pass it.

You have to be sure for hundred percent that the dog is necessary to you and that you will cope with her contents. It is necessary to consider a lot of things: financial position (the correct keeping of a dog is expensive), existence of a living space, small children in a family, an opportunity with a dog to walk etc. It is very serious! It is impossible to bring into the house of the four-footed pet only at the request of heart, the decision has to be well considered.

2. From the first day it is necessary to adhere to the schedule of inoculations rigidly. Under no circumstances do not postpone and the more so, God forbid, do not cancel any inoculations and tablets. Rage inoculations become once a year, and all veterinarians recommend to do following in one or two weeks until the end of full year from the moment of a prick, but not to wait so far year will pass. Find time, borrow money if you do not have them at present, but do vaccination against rage in time. The same concerns diseases inoculations and tablets from worms, seasonal processing from fleas and ticks is also very actual. You should not push luck then to be treated or lull the favourite...

3. Walks. From the very first exit to the street be defined where you will do a promenade. In the large cities there are special platforms for this purpose, are not lazy there to reach! If there are no such territories, choose poorly populated places where there is no carriageway, playgrounds, benches with pensioners and at all people. Yes, we potentially disturb all! As if we wanted it is proud to walk and seem in all beauty, it is better not to hang out in places of a congestion big (and even small) the number of the people.

4. With a lead or without, in a muzzle or without it? Always and everywhere, where there is a probability of appearance of at least one person near you - on a lead! An exception - the dog fenced platforms from where your pet will not be able to get out. The muzzle is put categorically under certain conditions, for example, in transit dogs in public transport. If you walk not on the dog platform and release the pet from a lead - let it will be in a muzzle, you are not insured from emergence from bushes of passersby. You are sure that your dog is friendly? And you can tell the same about those who will pass by you? It is unlikely … And dogs feel hostility to themselves very strongly, and even the little peaceful Italian greyhound can without the reason rush (in your opinion) on someone.

5. Dog waste. The topic of the day at discussion of dogs … From the first day do not allow a dog to celebrate big need directly at the house, on asphalt, on walking paths, at playgrounds or where there are children. At all, where people go anywhere! Not people around the problem, is only your problem! My dog does it only in a grass and far from people, is accustomed from puppyish age and will not force her to spoil on asphalt. Believe, it is real - to accustom the pet to celebrate big need where it is necessary. If such incident happened, collect excrements in a bag and inform the next ballot box. You do not allow the child to do similar in the middle of the street? And why then it is possible for a dog?

6. It is impossible to allow a dog to stick to strangers. For some reason not all this rule is followed. Especially it is necessary to be careful with children. Your dog can frighten the child just in attempt to get acquainted or play. Adults too not all will be delighted with a loveful doggie. Some mummies liberally look if their child runs and wants to stroke a doggie. Be not ashamed to tell this mummy that held the child far away, does not understand - tell more loudly and sharply, in especially hard case depart with a dog. It is better to swear, than to pay for unpredictable consequences.

7. It is worth mentioning about an exit and an entrance to the house. Do it on the elevator if you live highly, but only provided that your dog will not spoil in this elevator. It is better to avoid collisions with neighbors in narrow space of an entrance. By itself, in the elevator there have to be only you and a dog.

8. You make thrifty use of ears of neighbors. You what you will tell if behind a wall children constantly cry out or the drunk neighbor for days will bawl songs? Correctly, you will be dissatisfied! So why then neighbors have to suffer howl / bark your dog? Even if these sounds seem to you the opera aria, create to a dog conditions that it rustled less.

It is the main paragraphs of the code, with pleasure additions from read article will be accepted. You remember if we, dog lovers, observe at least it, at our emergence people will not be irritated, and to smile, and the dog and the truth will be “a friend of the person“.