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Household appliances for kitchen. How many it is necessary?

that hour when management of all household chores is on one display of the mobile device Is near and when pressing the touch screen for many miles from a home you will be able to water flowers, to vacuum a carpet on a floor and to feed the orphan - the cat missing in your favourite chair.

All perfectly understand that it is any more not a fantasy, it is only worth taking one more step forward. Technologies change with such speed that objects do not manage to become outdated at such race. Today new model, a hit of sales, and tomorrow - faugh, second-hand articles.

The world of equipment changes quickly - precisely the picture on the TV screen. Clever cars come to the rescue and exempt from routine homework, helping to wash, stroke, hem, darn.

Vacuum cleaners carry out not only direct duties, but undertake protection of the house and even perform work of the organizer which is writing down how many grams of dust damage your health. Toilet bowls replace medical laboratory and do the analysis quicker, than the nurse in policlinic.

All on guards of our health, except ourselves. Our passions, feelings and addictions at a boundary of emergence of mankind. But today conversation not about about it. Household appliances for kitchen - a subject of this article.

Modern kitchen - it is far not the Russian furnace and hanging bunches of herbs, onions and garlic. It is the whole arsenal of a set of the technical devices having the built-in microprocessors with various functions.

What we represent, planning design of new kitchen? Certainly, kitchen furniture and necessary household appliances. And further there is a question: what is more main what equipment to acquire, such set of models, the sizes, types and types.

From all directions there is the hugest pressure of advertizing: “Buy now, tomorrow there will be late“, “The best model for your kitchen!“, “You did not buy the crock-pot yet? You live in the last century“... The person is really weak, especially, when the status question - and I red is raised, perhaps. It is not worse to live others, to boast of the fact that the house - a full bowl. Pride of itself so caresses the I.

Experts and analysts already wrote about purely Russian phenomenon when people from rural remote places, without having sufficient means for purchase of household appliances, took her on credit. And that the most interesting, not one or two things, and a little at once.

Of course, then bad credit history followed. And from where to it to undertake good if a salary less than nothing, there is no money, and percent drip and drip... Here the period was such. Now seemingly many understood that to take the credit for household appliances - inexcusable luxury.

So, we come back to caves? Of course not, but once again we will consider: that it is necessary for us from that set of technical innovations which are offered by producers of household appliances.

Apartments happen different in the area and a form. Many live in five-storey apartment blocks where kitchen, as they say - to two not to disperse. And to fill such kitchenette an arsenal of household appliances - money transfer.

To the lucky having full-sized kitchen - expanse. It is possible to get the built-in plate with a good oven where there will be a convection, a quartz grill and a ceramic cooking surface. Let`s buy also the dishwasher, and also the excellent microwave oven with function of a double boiler. Let`s add still the crock-pot and a roaster. Ah and, forgot about a toaster and the crepe maker, the food processor and the slicer. Stop... or we will continue?

It is possible to buy everything that is offered by producers, and they offer a lot of things - business. And it is necessary for you? Most likely, if you not the collector of beaten pixels or not the fan of cookery, a half of design decisions of well-known companies to you - quite useless. The most part will become dusty or work on big holidays.

About the West I do not speak, but even in our country products go already generally packaged, cut, the most ready - a century of semi-finished products. If in the house guests not every day - it is worth reflecting, the slicer or the food processor is how important.

Nobody argues that a roaster, a toaster, the microwave oven - excellent things. But often some functions repeat. Perhaps, it is worth choosing the most important from these functions and to buy one thing instead of all? And the saved money will go on affairs are more necessary.

Probably, it should be taken into account: we are waited still by big temptations - the household appliances are in children`s age. Ahead - new developments and new fulfillments. And our beauty, a brand new multivarochka which so wonderfully decorates kitchen will become yesterday`s story tomorrow.