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Why the copywriter needs AIDA?

to me as a template (structure) for writing of the selling text advised to use Recently - no more no less - a formula AIDA. I kindly thanked the adviser, but now I prefer to conduct conversation with it only about women and about policy (it is, perhaps, the only subject on which it is possible to speak, in it without understanding anything).

Generally, the concept of a template, in relation to the selling text, personally for me already sounds wildly. But when add also a basic formula of a copywriting of AIDA here, here just you lose a speech power.

But give one after another. And not to get confused, for a start we will decide on some concepts.

The copywriter - the person who is professionally writing texts. What the copywriter can write and what he is capable to do, except writing of texts, is a subject of separate article.

A copywriting - art of writing of the selling texts (as option - the advertizing selling texts). If in more detail, then a copywriting - art of direct sales in writing without your personal selling contact with the buyer.

Writing of author`s articles or reduction of someone else`s articles in an acceptable type, the composition of slogans and other slogans, writing of texts for the websites and blogs, and especially a copyright, have no relation to a copywriting.

A copyright - the concept concerning copyright. I do not undertake to interpret it as a specialist in copyright I am not.

Now we will pass directly to a copywriting, or writing of the selling articles.

As well as any other type of a statement of thoughts by means of the handle and paper or a finger and the keyboard selling the text consists of certain elements. I will give a typical set of elements of the classical selling text (perhaps, incomplete, but which is known by me):

heading (nadzagolovka, heading, subtitle);
introduction paragraph;
platform (main text);
announcement of the price;
offer of bonuses;
an appeal to action;
postscripts. several moments are important to understand


1. The set of these elements is not a template of the selling text.

Though many beginners quite so arrive. Worse than that - they perceive this list for the unshakable instruction obligatory to execution, trying to observe even sequence.

Of course, you should not interchange the position of heading and postscripts (though you can try), but for the rest strict observance of this sequence leads to emergence on open spaces of the RuNet “prostyneobrazny“ (forgive generous for unsuccessful word formation) twins, with a difference only in the name of goods.

I, for example, in the last selling text included guarantees in a postscript.

2. The sequence of these elements is not order of writing of the selling text.

For example, many copywriters develop heading right at the end or, as a last resort, after development of benefits. Someone writes at first benefits, and someone chooses a platform.

Therefore if someone promises to teach you to write the selling text as rigid sequence of certain elements, be careful - it is the full layman in a copywriting taking you for a ride. Such “Gurus“ of a copywriting generate “five-stars copywriters“ (as I call them), at whom - all inclusive.

3. Not each selling text has to contain all elements without fail. for

it is not obligatory At all that the selling text will contain all these elements. What of elements your text will contain, depends on a huge number of factors and, first of all, on extent of maturing of your target audience.

Joseph Shugerman (the outstanding American copywriter) in the book “Triggers“ describes a case when he used absolutely not a typical element in the text - sale of shortcomings (we will call it so).

I in the very first selling text in general did without proofs and guarantees (and the text worked - in the cold market showed conversion of 2,5%). And practically I do not use bonuses at all (so if only a delicate hint). But it does not mean that I will not use, there was no need yet.

For end of very volume “introduction paragraph“ I will repeat, the COPYWRITING is an ART, and art does not suffer templates at all.

Here we also reached the main thing though the way was long and hard.

Meet! Basic formula of a copywriting of AIDA. I will tell

At once that the copywriting is not the only owner of this formula, but its importance for the selling texts cannot be underestimated.

So, of AIDA - the marketing model of consumer behavior describing sequence of the events leading to making decision on purchase. As Wikipedia reports: “The AIDA model is offered E. Levis in 1896 (USA)“.

This model as follows looks:

A - Attention - Attention
I - Interest - Interest
D - Desire - Desire
A - Action - Action

I Think that the essence of this model is clear. To draw attention of the potential consumer. To cause in it interest. To make so that interest developed into desire to have goods. And at last, to motivate the potential client to act, that is - purchase of goods.

Speaking our way, on - copywriter, AIDA is a formula of adoption of the consumer decision. In other words, a formula of work of the selling text with the buyer. Also it reflects psychology of the consumer decision, purchase psychology.

Therefore a main objective of the copywriter - by means of the selling text to cause a certain sequence of emotions, feelings and experiences in the potential buyer. This sequence is also expressed in a formula AIDA. She (sequence) has to lead the potential client to adoption of the consumer decision.

Respectively, the formula AIDA sets for the author of the selling text a number of tasks for which solution he chooses typical elements, according to current situation. At the same time the author should reflect very seriously why this or that element is necessary and whether it is necessary in general in its case. As result, it is not obligatory at all that all elements will be chosen.

That is though the sequence of emotions and feelings described by a formula AIDA (Attention - Interest - Desire - Action) is usually characteristic of most of buyers, nevertheless the typical elements used by the copywriter for awakening of these emotions can be absolutely different, depending on each concrete situation.

If it is more concrete, then the selling text, according to a formula AIDA, has to draw attention of the potential consumer (usually this role is carried out by heading and the introduction paragraph). Then to cause its interest (a platform, benefits, bonuses) which will pass into desire to possess goods (benefits, proofs, bonuses, guarantees, postscripts). And at last, to motivate to act - purchase (benefits, announcement of the price, bonuses, guarantees, postscripts).

Not the fact that the compliance of emotions of the client and elements of the selling text given by me is true and final. As I already spoke, everything depends on a concrete situation. And a paramount role in this question is played by target audience, that is potential clients. But it is separate and very big subject.

It is only worth noting that the situation which developed today in online differs in the fact that most of “five-stars copywriters“ do not even find time to study the audience before sitting down to write the selling text. They are sure that this superfluous as they, most likely, have no idea of existence of the basic copywriter formula AIDA.

But allow to learn and who will read their selling text - potential clients or they are?

Dear colleagues, if you want that your texts were read by clients - be so kind as to write them as expect to see these texts clients! Does not interest your potential client as the advertizing text from your point of view or from the point of view of advertizing science has to look. Clients, without knowing that, will read your text according to a formula AIDA.

I do not know, how it is clear I “naslovobludit“ in the article, but I very much tried to explain everything rather well. I can tell one more well: the basic formula of a copywriting of AIDA is as the text has to work, but not as the text should be written .

Therefore I in the practice address a basic formula while the text draft copy is finished. I get the test leaf which is called just “AIDA“, and I watch as far as my text in general, but not its separate elements, corresponds to the basic copywriter formula AIDA.

And if it is honest, then AIDA is a formula for all occasions in which there is relationship of beings reasonable!