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You want to receive as a gift a mouse with the built-in scanner? Participate in the competition “The Best Commentator of Week“ on Shkolezhizni. ru!

All authors of the comments written last week are potential applicants for a rank of the winner in the competition “The Best Commentator of Week“. Today the jury will sum up the result, and tomorrow, on Tuesday, I will declare a name of the winner in separate record of the blog. Watch news!

The winner of this week will receive as a gift an unusual computer mouse of LG - 300 with the built-in scanner.

We remind basic provisions of a competition:

- All registered users * the informative Life magazine, published the comment to any of articles of new daily releases during the period from July 14 to July 20 inclusive participate in the competition “The Best Commentator of Week“.

- The term of the publication of comments which will be considered for definition of the winner of this stage - also from July 14 to July 20. **

- To become the winner of a competition, it is necessary to publish the substantial and interesting comment. What is enclosed in this definition? You will be able to show it! Perhaps, you want to share own experience, to report about interesting ideas, to raise new questions to the author and participants of discussion? You share, report, develop dialogue and involve in communication of friends on the website. The main thing - positive and benevolent emotional implication of communication on our resource.

- The text of the comment has to be unique - that is, is written personally by you and not to have earlier publications in a network.

- The author who left only one comment can become the winner of a competition also (if it is the best). But, certainly, several interesting comments will give additional chances of a victory.

- Comments, controversial from the point of view of ethics, - the containing sharp estimated judgments, euphemisms having in a basis an offensive language, provocations etc. do not participate in a competition. At the publication of comments pay, please, attention to the basic provisions regulating interaction on our website.

- We do not define the best comments only from the point of view of text volume, however the comments which are not bearing semantic loading - smiles, interjections, only emotional designs - will not be considered at the choice of the winner of a competition.

- At the same time we ask to consider that volume comments with dry encyclopedic information on a subject are not a victory guarantee in a competition.

- Each registered user of the informative magazine has the right for a comment assessment. The opinion of users will be considered when summing up therefore do not forget to give “edinichka“ to interesting comments.

- The choice of the commentator of week is carried out by the jury consisting of representatives of editorial office of the MEDIO company. At the choice we will follow all, to the provisions described above, however we ask not to forget that any choice, whether it be the user vote or opinion of several participants of jury, anyway, is subjective.

- We ask not to create virtual accounts for increase of chances of a victory in a competition. In case of detection of similar accounts the participant will be disqualified, in case of recurrent actions the suspension of access to a resource can expect it.

- Results of a competition are not subject to negative discussion in any form.

- The same registered user can win against unlimited number of times a competition, but is not more often than once in four weeks (every week is equal to a separate stage with a separate prize fund).

We understand that not all users can win a prize at office of edition therefore delivery of a prize will be carried out across the territory of the Russian Federation at the expense of the organizer. The winners living outside Russia can win a prize to the address of the family or friends living in the Russian Federation.

For delivery of a prize we will need the following coordinates of the winner: a surname, a name, a phone number and the exact address with an index.


* cannot participate In a competition representatives of edition of the

resource ** time of start and end of a stage - Moscow