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For what it is necessary to be engaged with children?

This very wise rule for creation of the relations with the child. The outstanding scientist L. S. Vygotsky created the law of psychological development of the child who called a zone of the next development. It is very important that each parent knew about this law. Here in what its essence consists...

At each age and for each child individually the limited circle of cases with which he can cope exists. All affairs which it can execute with the assistance of the adult or not available to it in general are outside this circle.

For example, the child himself can clean toys. But it cannot yet all the things which he does during the day, to organize independently. Therefore parents constantly speak: “At first we will eat, and then...“, “It is time to be going to walk...“, etc. That it was more clear, it is necessary to draw one circle in another. In a small circle we define affairs with which the child can cope itself, and a zone between borders of a small and big circle are affairs which to the child in power only with adults. The child cannot make a task outside a big circle even with adults.

According to L. S. Vygotsky, in process of development of the child the circle of cases which he begins to carry out independently increases due to affairs which he could execute only with seniors earlier, but not that which lie outside two circles. I.e. tomorrow the child will be able to make what today he did with the father and exactly thanks to the fact that it was “with the father“. The zone of serious work which the child does with the adult is gold reserves, its potential on the near future. Therefore L. S. Vygotsky called it a zone of the next development.

The child with whom parents were engaged much will quicker develop, to feel more surely, more successfully, more safely, than the child who is provided to himself. Often children ask us: “Play with me“, “Take me with yourself“. They very well know what they need at present therefore if there is opportunity, do not refuse to the child.

Often parents complain that they have no time to be engaged with the child. It turns out that they have more important issues. In that case it is necessary to remember that we choose an order of importance of affairs. Only it is worth realizing that on correction missed in education of children then much more time and forces leaves. If your participation in occupations of the child does not help it, pay attention how you treat it. Without friendly, warm tone in communication with the child it is very difficult to keep good relations for joint occupations. It is better to keep a position as equals.

L. S. Vygotsky considered that easier and quicker to study the child, to organize himself and the affairs if to help him external means. It can be notes, pictures for a reminder, schemes. It any more not words of the adult, and their replacement. The child uses them independently, and then he already halfway coping with affairs most.

It is possible to draw together with the child sequence of some actions, for example, that behind what to put on, gathering for walk how to organize a daily routine, sequence of obligatory affairs in the evening. Children very much love such way of training, quickly master and become more independent.

One mother told that she could not accustom the child to put on independently in any way, then they together with him drew pictures, looking at which, it was clear that behind what should be put on. The child, having put on the first thing, ran to pictures, found a finger the following thing, ran to put on it, again ran to look for other thing to the list. In a family there came the tranquility, the child was extremely busy.

Occupations with children give big advantage not only to children, but also adults as as a result they in exchange receive the strong relations for the rest of life.

Source: Yu. B. Gippenreyter, “To communicate with the child. How?“