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And on the hill responded quietly a ring …

Spring this year strange. It is possible even to tell that it did not begin yet if to judge by trees, the gulf and wind. And if to judge on arrived, though ruffled up, to birds if to judge by sunshine in a back and to mysterious faces of fellow citizens - all - the spring … happens. And then, we put in order of two well-known rambovsky swans!

Easter this year too - almost the latest. We carry already St.George`s Ribbons, and the most colourful and most spring holiday - as if detains blossoming and violence of color together with heaven. But we wait. Also we do not miss, as usual. We prepared a small gift to inhabitants and guests of Oranienbaum. Prepared thoughtfully and for a long time.

Our friends and Jacks of all trades made seven plywood eggs of the different size of Museum of local lore. And then … I thoughtfully grounded them. Then - we painted them: “Rambovsky souvenir“ and “Rambovsky mistresses“.

Also was: on Saturday May 4 on the way to a bench I for the first time took off a jacket. And towards to me rambovets - in a coat and undershirts, on heels and in Panamanians squinted from the sun … Miracles.

So, seven eggs painted with five masters. 30 jingles. 1000 kind thoughts. Now they hang on trees of Manezhny descent, exactly between Spyridon of Trimythous and Mikhail Arkhangel`s temples. There always free wind walks: eggs turn quickly - quickly as if revolving objects. And sometimes - shake. And the sound of jingles shy echoes new bells of Mikhail Arkhangel - the fact that so please together with the new bell ringer, sometimes forcing even to hop.

Now when I write these lines, there is a night easter vigil. At Orthodox Christians the most festive morning of year, morning without night - light, white, joyful will begin soon. Let and day behind it will become bright and festive. Even if the smallest jingles are heard against big festive bells. With a holiday. With a spring.

Already traditionally I thank for the help in implementation of idea Elena Aksyonova, Vladimir Zhuravlyov and all who were near, helping and supporting. Thanks!