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Where to go - to the sea or to mountains? Secrets of successful holiday of

In recent years the world learned to work, giving itself without the rest to work, but absolutely forgot to have a rest. And good and timely holiday is a guarantor of further labor feats, inspiration and a good health. But to restore forces, it is necessary to approach carrying out holiday intelligently and the imagination.

First of all needs to adjust itself on idle existence. Now it is very fashionable to be the inveterate slogger - the careerist, forgetting itself and a family to work 24 hours a day without holidays and days off. But at such speed from the good expert you can turn into the disabled unfortunate person. If you have a rest insufficiently, then your organism will surely make up for lost time rest time in the form of various physical indispositions. Believe, at last, that work is not all your life yet, understand and accept the legitimate right for rest.

Its planning will be the second point of successful rest. Agree with the administration, make hotel reservations, book tickets, buy necessary equipment. In a word, prepare everything that is required to you during rest, in advance, but you do not fuss at the latest moment.

Also do not forget that rest is only such pastime which brings you pleasure. It is important to carry out the, but not foreign desires. If you pay attention to playfulness of kids, then will notice that they tirelessly play, run the whole day. Why? How you think? Because they do only that it is interesting to them. Means, and rest first of all has to be interesting change of activity.

Carrying out the daily affairs, we use work of the same areas of our brain, and other parts pine without work. Try to involve other areas of a brain and let`s relax especially troubled.

It is possible to divide types of leisure on different categories, but, probably, first of all it is necessary to allocate active and passive recreation. If the person works at office, and mainly sitting, then he needs to spend leisure-time as much as possible movably. If work is connected with big expenses of physical energy, it is worth preferring smoother quiet occupations like the beach, SPA - procedures and various spectacular actions. But anyway incessant lying on the beach or in front of the TV in a root the wrong way of rest.

The main thing, avoid monotony - it causes a depression and the increased irritability. Holiday in such mood will tire rather.

To arrange itself emotional unloading, it is necessary to change scenery and to occupy the thoughts with contemplation something pleasant, beautiful, to allow new impressions to force out household problems and work.

It is sometimes better to begin with passive rest, and already then to switch to active entertainments and actions. For example, for a start it is possible to complete a massage course. Massage will help you to relax, will release tension in muscles and joints, will improve blood circulation.

If your everyday life is not sated with shake-ups and adventures, and routines are full, then extreme sports will be to the taste to you. It is possible to go down on the mountain river, to drive on a roller coaster or to jump with a parachute. It is possible for a week - another to exchange houses with foreigners and to go to the other end of the world. In total in your hands.

When planning holiday psychologists recommend to listen for the temperament. Fidgets - to choleric persons will suit extreme sport, active recreation, to phlegmatic persons more - long, quiet, smooth, to melancholiacs the pleasure will be brought by fruitful creative activity which will leave behind visible result, and cheerful and curious sanguine persons need emotional impressions, new places, excursions.

The part of rest can be devoted to some interesting training on psychology or to master some new occupation which is not connected with your daily activity.

At the same time do not make too a busy schedule of actions. Leave time for improvisation and pleasant surprises. Perhaps, your mood will change and you want to correct the plans.

Huge value, of course, takes the vacation spot. Anyway it is worth going out of town from noise and vanity, from gas-polluted air and a habitual situation. Not all suit sharp change of climate, but at least it is necessary to leave the city. You will see landscapes which well influence mentality and lighten mood. All alarms and disorders will disappear. If there is a wish for the sea and the sun, new impressions, acquaintances and exotic, then, of course, go to distant travel.

It is important to pay attention to the company in which you gather to spend holidays. If you go to have a rest with darling, then have to be sure that your plans do not disperse and you will not spoil each other mood. If style of carrying out and expectation at you are opposite to holiday, then it is better to go separately or with friends. The same concerns the big companies for rest. It is much more comfortable to some people to have a rest alone, striking up acquaintances already on vacation with those people with whom interests coincided. But if you already on vacation and your neigbour tries to pull out at dawn you at the sea while you all night long came off in a disco (so far she yawned in a corner and dozed behind a little table), then not to avoid mutual offenses and disputes. Rest has to correspond to your state and mood.

And, of course, if you go on the vacation with the child, then it should be added several important points. In advance pick up the suitable vacation spot with children. Existence of beds for kids, a playground, a flat entrance to the sea and the superficial pool - important factors. Take care of food, learn whether there is a children`s menu. If you decided to go to the sea, then it is better to choose the place with incontinuous flight. Do not forget a warm cover, games, books and, of course, favourite toys of the kid. So he will feel more cozy on the new place. Also in many places for family rest there are children`s clubs and evening entertainments for children.

Pay attention and to clothes which you will wear during rest. It has to be comfortable and pertinent. Bright colors, free style You should not put yourself on very tall hairpins, to be dragged away by corsets and to go to mountains on heels.

Not too be fond of alcohol and an exotic cuisine as the abundance of bright flavoring impressions can provide by several boring days in number. Do not forget to drink a lot of liquid. And here diets will not brighten up your holiday - continuous self-checking will quickly tire you. Rather just healthy sense of proportion in everything.

But holiday has property to come to an end quickly. Time to come back to daily occurrence comes. That the first working days did not end with nervous breakdown, come back home some days before the end of holiday, do not clash with the family, indulge yourself some more days with a dream and rest, just stay at home, put the house, clothes, thoughts in order. Prepare yourself for work and do not set grandiose tasks for yourself in the very first days of work.

There is one more important point without which not to spend successful holidays. And it cannot be forgotten in any way. Your positive installation is necessary, namely - desire to have a rest and derive pleasure despite everything. Perceive all obstacles in your way as a remarkable adventure which will only add memoirs and interesting stories to your moneybox. Do not allow a plane delay, a rain or lack of shampoo to spoil in number to you life. Keep a positive spirit and be attentive to themselves - then time of holiday will pass not for nothing, and there will last charge of pleasure and energy for all year.