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Four pictures of Antoine Watteau. Enema or syringe?

Among a set of pictures and Antoine Watteau`s drawings (the French painter, 1684-1721) there are several pictures as if forming a series. It “Love scale“, “Full harmony“, “The difficult offer“ and “Remedy“. In these pictures from five to eight characters. Somewhere couples are obviously designated, about couple is only planned...

Who these people? It is indisputable that it is not commoners, the clothes tell them about it. They have guitars, a flute, notes. Most likely, it is musicians who came to the nature, combining business with pleasure: fresh air and rehearsals. Also took with themselves the child.

It is not vagrant musicians - they do not look poor beggars, it is a service staff of some grandee (the count, the duke, the baron), whose possession absolutely nearby (a scene of action, most likely, in park about the lock or the estate, in one of pictures the bust of an antique look is represented). They live probably in the houses belonging to their owner. They have no wide range of communication. That is this company will of circumstances is aloof.

Plots of pictures suggest an idea that mainly it is people unmarried. Unmarried or owing to unwillingness of the owner, or owing to the personal reasons (there is no prosperity to provide a family). These people should look for pleasures in a close circle. Sometimes these acquaintances come to an end in the marriage union, and sometimes...

Two pictures - almost idyllic: in the foreground musicians, on back - couple which is removed in the unknown direction in an embrace or under the handle. And in “The difficult offer“ a situation a bit different.

In the foreground - gone to pieces (in sense of a pose) the observer of events, before it - two playing music ladies. And on the right - the gentleman and the lady. He gives it a hand, and she as if with indignation (by hand) refuses it. As though it try to palm off on a dragon.

Actually this offer cannot be something absolutely unacceptable (differently why to this lady such company). But whether it not in mood, whether the words accompanying gesture were not rather convincing and affable (something it seems “Examined. It are pleasant. I love. Let`s go!“). And here the fact which was imprinted by the artist, - refusal. With a vengeance: “It will never be!“ And gesture at the lady rather eloquent: it raised a skirt, being going to leave.

And how the artist learned about all this? Perhaps, he was a participant of such sorties? Perhaps, he sits to us a back and watches the events? Perhaps, and he was in such family way?

Perhaps, that all this not so. Perhaps, that the artist wrote the cloths in full accordance with texts by which his pictures on the Internet are followed.

“A picture of the artist Antoine Watteau “The difficult offer“ - the poetic story about a quiet conversation on a bosom of the nature and sudden interruption of the relations, without any theatrical pathos and sublime passions...“ (The author is unknown).

“Perfection of a form is combined in it with fleeting, unsteady mood of easy grief, and as happens always at Watteau, ideal, absolute harmony, steadiness of all parts of composition are transferred by plasticity, turns, gestures of figures... The feeling of loneliness and grief, the melancholy attracting in Watteau`s pictures are connected with formal reception of “weighing“ of figures“. (The author is unknown).

“Looking at this picture, there is a feeling as if anything special does not occur here: elegant society idly spends time in the open air... The landscape was stretched widely, the sky is filled with foamy clouds, in them decline beams are poured - here everything easy, light-and it is transparent. Playing of one of ladies a guitar as if fills a picture with quietly sounding music“. (The author is unknown).

““The difficult offer“ - in own way work perfect... First of all, it is a beautiful picture. It pleases soul and an eye. Pleases with everything - and most of all harmony, a harmony of composition, color, the movement and set of all these factors. In it all as though is easy also light-as wings of a butterfly.

In the pictures - and “The difficult offer“ the example shining to that - he managed to stop fugacity of a rush, to stop a moment. All these particulars in the set opened the new world of feelings, enriched idea of the person and eventually created his new spiritual image“. (Artist Tatyana Nikulina).

After reading of these comments there is a wish to hang up Antoine Watteau`s portrait on a wall and to pray on it, as on the Saint. I think that art critics would not write it if saw its drawing under the name “Means“ (“Remedy“).

The young woman lies on a bed or on something similar, and behind other woman (perhaps, the servant) brings to it something similar to the syringe. Whether it is an enema, whether the syringe. And her right hand is already ready to open an entrance opening! But the most interesting that some background shows two man`s faces.

And there is a swarm of thoughts (it is purely female view of the picture): the molodukha suffers a question from whom she could become pregnant if she is not pregnant yet. Also there is a decision: to get rid of doubts here it here in the way.

So the picture should be nominated: “Designate all doubts!“. And to art critics to note that the artist was not an angel that it represented life not only as pastorals, but also with the priyatnost and troubles hidden behind external courtesy.

P. S. Beyond the scope of a picture there was a question: where the artist saw it?