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What to esteem? Brett Simon: “The little wretch“ of

What interesting feature this madam fate! What she is unpredictable and thoughtless. You try, by the sweat of the brow you earn money, you strive for glory, honors, and it hop... also turned, to put it mildly, not that place. It happens to

often at creative people; create here, you understand, serious deep things which are worthy literary laurels, and on a crest of national glory the simple trashy book takes out, and you become well-known thanks to not thoughtful sayings, but the ridiculous diary of the little wretch on behalf of whom you composed this story.

England - the country of detectives. In one other place there are no so many famous writers - masters of a detective genre. The most amazing that at the same time here generally law-abiding citizens who honor laws and rules. Probably, in measured and ceremonious life there is not enough sharpness and an extreme which many readers find in detective novels.

But the metamorphosis that happened to Brett Simon, the English writer, the master of the detective according to whose plays movies were shot surprises even those who any more in this world are surprised to nothing. And to all reason, as always... children.

For the sake of them we live, we work and we try to obtain glory. For the sake of them we try, turn and get out. Not born yet, they already become the center of our universe. And “give it to their “ag“ - give“ bring us into affection. The first step, the first pot and the first class for us become the whole era.

And until the end of the days we live with their birth children`s pleasures and grieves. We rejoice to udacha of the children and we grab tablets, even when the child has a gray hair on temples, and his children go to school. For us - that it - always the child.

But whether often we think of what is created in a head of this prankish who looks an innocent look, considering the next invention. Two books of Brett Simon are revelations of the kid improbable, full of humour since the beginning of its birth.

The book the first is called “A confession of the little wretch“. The kid was just born after difficult childbirth and what waits for him in gratitude for tortures? “In the most disrespectful way I was turned head over heels and began to clap on a bum“ . The grotesque and humour passing sometimes into sarcasm when it is told about the relations of parents with grandfathers and grandmothers.

Every day brings a new victory, whether it be the first rattle in a hand or walk with mother in policlinic. It was weighed there and measured. And other mummies looked at it with admiration. Met also the neigbour. The kid diligently represented expression, exactly as at mummy, but in an award received - the poured-out father. Here only, why tried - that?

The book is read easily, on one breath though it seems everything is already familiar for a long time. And war of the child with a cat, and any tricks of mummies to feed the intolerable child, and sleepless nights whether also fatherly “Yes he will become silent sometime“. Through it there passed many generations. And nevertheless every time with the held breath all expect the next miracle - the birth of the kid. Life goes on!

The second book is called “Oh who all right!“ It is possible to tell even that it does not go any more, and runs. The second year to the boy - and how many before it reveals opportunities from which at parents hair on end, and hands and legs shiver with nervousness. What tempting horizons open before the little rascal: what is cost by only one sockets, and hot irons and pans... Hey, parents! Be kept. You still had open cases and not broken ware? Well, then we go to you.

What in a head of this innocent creation when it gently smiles to you, and having right there grabbed by hair, painfully they pull? And it was not represented to which of us: the child is as early as one and a half years old, but he already understands everything.

Often even before the next prank he looks at you, checking for reaction: it is possible or is impossible? Aha, it is impossible! Means, it is possible! It at children check, and at us, adults - “scoffs the wretch“. Smart ideas of the kid proceed, his new opening in development of the won territories are touching and direct.

It is very difficult to write the book about children. About children, but not the children`s book. To talk on behalf of the kid and not to pass to a baby talk, but at the same time that it was ridiculous - a hard task. The writer coped with it perfectly well. Improbable popularity of the book - to that the proof.

There is a lot of books of children, clever and serious about education. Techniques, didactics, theories, psychology... The world is overflowed with councils of psychologists, psychotherapists and others. All know and all learn: as, as why. Everywhere there is a classification: on type, color, race, a floor. Everyone and everything is displayed on shelves; you will not manage to sneeze - there will be the one who will determine by a sneeze what type you treat.

And so sometimes there is a wish to read something easy and ridiculous like such books, as at Brett Simon...