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What bullet changes a flight trajectory? The American agency DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Known for the latest developments of military technologies reported

about the first successful test with combat firing of new high-precision ammunition of EXACTO (Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance), having at the same time laid out the illustrating roller on YouTube. On it it is visible how during the movement the bullet changes an initial trajectory precisely to hit the target. reported

In explanations of DARPA that the new bullet is capable to maneuver in flight, reacting to the shift of the purpose chosen by the sniper and compensating influence of weather conditions or other disturbing factors.

Accuracy of defeat by the military sniper of the purpose depends not only on his ability to shoot. Taking into account possible changes of a situation during flight of a bullet, flaws or dust content defeat of the purpose during fight - a complex challenge which modern technologies can facilitate.

The EXACTO program purpose - revolutionary improvement of accuracy of firing that has to increase efficiency of application of snipers and safety of troops. Within the program for the first time in the world the bullet rather small 50 - go caliber (12,7 mm) with the operated flight trajectory is created. The system in general combines a maneuverable bullet and optical system of targeting, the managing director of her flight in real time.

The report on successful tests with combat firing does not mean emergence of technology on arms of the American troops. The project starting in 2008 entered a stage of testing and completion.

About a possibility of emergence on arms of military approximately in 2015 of extremely exact bullet in 2009 - the m told the Time magazine. At that time expected from the new weapon that it will become the first sample working by the principle “shot and forgot“. It was expected that the system will not be more expensive than $11500 and 46 pounds (20,9 kg), as well as the sniper rifle M107 consisting on arms are not heavier.

The new sniper system is extremely necessary for the Pentagon staking on an intensification of application of snipers in combat operations. But sniper preparation takes a lot of time which hopes to reduce command due to equipment of the military personnel the clever weapon. Besides, expect growth of efficiency of application of snipers from new technologies.

As the former commander of sniper school in the Fort - Benninge (Georgia) the captain of army of the USA Keith Bell (Keith Bell), a limit of range of defeat of the purpose from the rifle consisting on arms, 2000 m at practical effective range of firing about 800 m told on the Time pages. The record shot was made in 2002 by the Canadian sniper Rob Farlong (Rob Furlong), having struck in Afghanistan the fighter of the Taliban group at distance of 2430 meters. The captain believes that to the EXACTO system quite on a shoulder there will be an effective range of firing of 2 - 2,5 km.

DARPA reports nothing about parameters of the new weapon yet, as well as about in what sum its creation will cost taxpayers. Time wrote that in November, 2009 - go the agency received on development of EXACTO from the private companies two grants of 12,3 and 9,5 million dollars in size. Of course, it is not the full list of investments.