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How Bruce Willis`s admirers “changed“ it with Liam Neeson? “Hostage“, “the Hostage 2“

not being in the Hollywood flower of beauty, already growing old, but still in shape. It in permanent divorce with the wife, the daughter at dangerous age when behind her an eye yes of eyes is necessary. He was going to retire for a long time, but here again it is necessary to get the gun, to run on dirty lanes, to climb sewer pipes and to kill bad guys.

Same a new series with Bruce Willis in a leading role, will be told by you! Yes well … it any more not that and “Die Hard“ bothered with order. Here not! Last year incidentally came across “Hostage“, and literally the other day, besides incidentally, learned that removed “the Hostage 2“, looked and I recommend to those who did not see yet.

The first that I want to note - both movies are magnificent on realness, or, at least, we are given high-quality illusion of reality of events. The main character - Brian Mills, the cool special agent who retired. Divorced, there is an adult daughter who with girlfriends goes to Paris. The father categorically against, he - that knows how it is dangerous to travel to girls one, but mother (the ex-wife of Mills) thinks in a different way. The result - visit of Paris is wrapped in kidnapping of the girl. The bandits specializing in sale of young nice foreigners in slavery did not even know that it is the end to their business - they kidnapped the daughter of that whom you should not contact at all!

Liam Neeson in a leading role is not simply good - he, in my opinion, just eclipsed the grown old Die Hard and numerous Bornov / Bonds. And to the actor already more than fifty, his hero does not look such invincible and abrupt at first sight. However since the moment when Mills learns that his daughter will appear in a brothel soon and it has only three days that to rescue her, it not just changes. It turns into the relentless car which promptly and cruelly goes through all movie towards the only aim - to rescue the loved one and to erase in powder of those who dared to raise a hand against this loved one.

Many critics spoke that Liam Neeson`s game is too simple and uninteresting. Type, it looks at the ex-wife, and all of us understand at once that its feelings to it are still live. Here a look towards the daughter - he her gently loves and is ready for everything for the sake of her happiness and tranquility. Here it turned towards enemies, and in a look of nothing, except cold hatred.

And unless it is bad? Personally I with order was bothered by experiences and fluctuations of the main characters in similar movies, long talk and philosophical reflections before killing the main villain. The good guy - to kill all bad has to be it also and to rescue the family what it costed.

It is possible to tell that the movie is simple, but it also is realistic at the same time. There are no never-ending cartridges in the gun of the main character and it is unknown from where the group of intelligence agencies appearing a row at the most critical moment. Scenes where Mills applies the skills of the special agent, are removed with special love and care, the respect of director`s group for Mills`s profession is visible.

There were still serious remarks towards the movie from critics - allegedly it propagandizes Islamophobia and intentionally causes hatred to Muslims, in particular to Albanians - Islamists. “The Daily Telegraph“ even called the movie “a racist stereotype of Arabs and East Europeans“. And what to do - unfortunately, a subject of Arabs - terrorists constantly very famous in mass media, and creators of the movie did not miss an opportunity to use already worn out template, that is if the bad person, then let there will be an Arab / Muslim again.

The first movie comes to an end safely, we throughout all viewing are sure - Mills will rescue the daughter, as occurs., It seems, the plot does not demand continuation, but authors of the movie thought in a different way and after a while the Hostage 2“ was published “.

And again the cinema begins quietly, nothing foretells some dramas. The main character decides “to earn some money“ and goes to Istanbul as the private security guard to some kingpin. There he invites the ex-wife and the daughter that later works to spend in their society several days there. But he does not suspect yet that to Istanbul there arrives the gloomy company of relatives of those whom it killed in the first movie, with firm intention it is cruel to punish him.

This time 50% of success are actions of the daughter of Mills who as the true successor of the special agent at the right time collects the strength, takes his gun, grenades and, accurately following instructions of the father, helps it to win against “bad Albanians“.

In the movie it is possible to notice some absurdities which “are frankly farfetched“. For example, the crowd of bandits costs and patiently waits until Mills under the guns induced at him at last phones to the daughter and will tell it: “We with mother in captivity, they will come also for you, run away!“ Or - in a sock at it the minimobile phone lies for the time being, bandits are so stupid that they did not guess it to search! The scene when the main character at a full speed by car breaks gate of the American Embassy, in general is comical - in real life to it would even not allow to approach embassy.

However it does not spoil general impression from the movie. The good fighter with clear split of roles, any half tones which are rushing about also is a lot of talking heroes. The positive father is positive up to the end: it gives chance to the enemy to leave to the survived sons and to interrupt a bloody strip of revenge. The villain and remains “bad“: despite this oath, he tries to shoot to Mills at a back at the last minute.

If you love fighters of high quality where it is not necessary to miss and there are no long lyrical scenes when it is possible to run on kitchen over a cup of tea if you like plots where the good overcomes the evil and all heroes survive - this movie for you.