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Whether it is possible to get off the notions of compulsion?

In the head again series of undesirable thoughts. You try to distract, calm yourself, but all unsuccessfully. They continue by a hammer to knock in temples, preventing to concentrate and causing negative emotions. And as any person who faced this problem you is tormented by one question: Whether “It is possible to win against them?“ Let`s understand.

It is short about a problem

the Notions of compulsion are one of neurotic frustration, called in psychology by neurosis of the notions of compulsion. It is characterized by incessant scrolling in the head of unpleasant memoirs and reasonings.

The main sign of persistence - impossibility to cope with a stream of thoughts that leads to the strongest internal sufferings.


If you suffer from the notions of compulsion long ago, then, most likely, repeatedly felt misunderstanding from relatives and friends. “Just do not think of it and all! Get it together!“ - they went on unanimously.

The widespread myth about what the persistence can win by means of will power against misleads many people. It is impossible, and you should not reproach yourself with powerlessness, listening to others.

One more myth - there are tablets from the notions of compulsion. Preparations can remove in some cases sharp stress, calm, cause drowsiness, creating thereby temporary effect of “simplification“. But they do not solve a problem, and often at all do not yield any result. whether

it is So possible to get off the notions of compulsion?

It is possible for

, but only at huge desire and readiness to work on itself.

Before you two ways - independent study of a problem or the address to the psychotherapist open. The qualitative psychotherapy will help to define problem sources, so to prevent its further development.

If you have no opportunity to go in for psychotherapy, you can help yourself, following underwritten recommendations:

1. Accept the thoughts

At first sight can seem that this simple and clear rule, but for some reason all neglect it.

Trying to master the notions of compulsion and to force out them from the head, you only strengthen their action. They will recede only when you take them for granted and will cease to be afraid.

You do not drive the irritating thoughts, and try to apprehend them quietly as though it is part of your life.

Yes, first it will be extremely difficult, but each small step will bring closer you to acceptance.

2. Do not hide thought

What will happen to a vessel when it is overflowed? It will burst! The same happens also to you if you hide the thoughts and feelings, pretending, a chtovsa as it should be.

Try to express the reflections disturbing you as diary entries, and having just shared paints on paper with relatives and friends. Pronouncing persistence, you weaken their activity and release negative energy.

Of course, you will be able to tell not all things, but if you manage to entrust at least a half to friends and the diary, you will appear to a victory halfway.

3. The new relation

What do you think of the notions of compulsion? For certain you consider them as the problem worsening quality of your life, reproach yourself, are indignant and gradually plunge into a depression... Stop!

So you will achieve nothing but only you will acquire to yourself a new sore - a deep depression. However, even if it already is, it does not change an essence.

Your purpose - to change the relation to current situation. With what any psychotherapy begins? That the patient reinterprets a problem begins to see in it pluses and opportunities for the growth.

Self-irony - the excellent tool for change of the relation to a problem. Look at the thoughts from a different angle, most likely, you also do not suspect how many in them amusing and ridiculous.

Think that overcoming this difficulty, you receive most important and invaluable - experience. Which will help you further.

Solving any problem including persistence, it is necessary to create the “happiness ray“ warming soul and lighting a way at a difficult moment. It can be favourite business in which you will begin to be put to the maximum that there is no time left for the notions of compulsion.