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How to learn to understand the cat?

Are probable, many owners of cats can tell with pride: “I know the favourite as. We from Murkaya understand each other from a semi-look“. Quite perhaps, but your “semi-look“ considerably differs from cat`s.

For example, the cat jumped to you on knees. You about yourself think: she so loves me that she came to greet and honor with the attention. The cat about herself “thinks“: “Something is cool today. The hostess`s knees - the most convenient place to have a sleep in heat“. She will sit on your knees until you do not begin to get up.

And now we will make experiment. Today you have a good mood and you wanted to communicate to a cat and to caress her. You want to take it on hands and to put to yourself on knees, but the cat is not located to a sentimentality and shows obvious displeasure: it is bent in every way and tries to slip out your hands. But all of you - caught a restive animal, took seat conveniently in a chair and put a cat on knees, but she dodged, scratched to you hands, jumped off on a floor and hid under a sofa. Your good mood in a trice evaporated, and the offense on an innocent animal appeared.

How here not to remember G. Cooper`s word: “A cat and training - not such incompatible concepts. In total for couple of days the cat can train anyone“. Not to be trapped with the moustached pet, let`s consider some features of behavior of koshasty. It will help to avoid the unnecessary conflicts with our favourites and to relieve itself and them of excess stresses.

The cat blinks eyes - it is a sign that she is tired and ready to have a sleep a little bit. If kotofeich rubs the head about your legs, then he or is hungry, or once again makes a declaration of love to you. At this moment the cat can be stroked. The good indicator of cat`s mood are ears. If they stand vertically, then the cat strongly became interested in something. Kisariki animals, very curious by the nature, for this reason in most cases at them always “ears on the top“. But if ears are pressed to the head, then it is possible to expect attack. In it the moment your pet is obviously not located to games.

If at a cat of “an eye on a fifty-kopeck piece“, i.e. pupils are strongly expanded, then the animal feels strong fear and its actions can be unpredictable. Cats - very cunning animals, we never know that at them on mind.

For example, our Mr. Miao was very persistent in the occupations, he liked to check garbage can contents: learned to open a cover while nobody sees, and to investigate and that there inside. All family members sent a poor cat when they saw that he is engaged in illegal business. To lull ours into a false sense of security, he began to lick carefully himself in all places, but at the same time did not forget to twist the head and to watch who with what is busy. As soon as there came the right moment, he ran on kitchen and began to investigate a garbage can.

If the cat loudly purrs, then she has a good mood. It is the remarkable moment for communication and games with an animal. The cat publishes uterine rumbling, thus, she shows discontent and warns: “Leave me alone!“ Howl of a kosharik - a sure sign of disappointment and rage. Usually cats begin to stand so on the hind legs if they did not manage to achieve something. The cat widely opens a mouth and begins to hiss, it is serious threat, someone will receive good repulse now. It is better to leave the hissing cat alone that he recovered from a shock. A silent povizgivaniye or short “meow“ - a way of communication with other animals.

The remarkable barometer of cat`s mood is a tail. If the cat nervously pulls a tail, then she is close “to a boiling point“. If the tail is lowered, then kisarik was tired. The tail is lowered down and partially hidden under a stomach - thus the animal expresses the disgust and disappointment, for example, to a tasteless forage. If the tail tip slightly moves, then the pussy became interested in something. If the animal extended a tail back, then it is ready to attack the opponent. If the cat is happy with everything, then he always holds a tail a pipe. If the top tip of “pipe“ begins to move, your pet is glad you to see.

Sometimes the cat waves the tail here and there. It means that the animal reflects what to do to it. For example, you opened a door, but the cat indecisively stopped in an aperture. On the one hand, she wants to enter with you other room, with another, to it was good and comfortable where it was. As soon as it is solved on something, it will stop waving a tail at once.

If the cat wants to draw attention to himself, then he begins to sharpen claws and does it deliberately loudly. The curved back and a tail a hook - a right pose that the animal is ready to attack. If you lie, and the cat tries to lay down on your breast, then it shows these endless love and shows how she missed, expecting your return.

Practically all cats do not like to remain one when owners for a long time leave the house. In this case cats include all the cunning to detain the host. They begin to show interest in your things in which you leave the house, can drag off one boot or a glove and to hide them, or begin to clamber on a leg to detain the adored person though for a couple of minutes. The most bright animals can pee in a boot, and then precisely the owner will stay at home longer. The cunning animal prefers to hide when the trick is found.

If we have to study how to understand cats, then they do not need to do it. The cat idolizes the owner and understands his mood. If to you felt depressed or on heart it is restless, then you probably noticed how the behavior of your cat changed at this moment. Such minute he will never “show off“, try to play or stand up for the rights. He quietly will sit down opposite to you and will look devoted cat`s eyes, as if questioning: “How I can help you?“

of the Cat understand tone which owners talk to them. If you speak by an angry voice what turned sour bad that peeled a new sofa, then this pussycats feels guilty though he externally can it and not show.

The more you talk to the cat, the more he answers you. In cat`s language more than one hundred sounds by means of which it can “tell“ you, what he thinks of.