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How independently to travel around the United Arab Emirates? The tourist should not count

At visit of the United Arab Emirates on strongly developed public transport. The local population everything entirely drives the new cars, the prices for which are cheaper than the Moscow percent on 40 here.

the Emirates “drive“ oil to Japan, and from there deliver them cars at the special prices. For the local of the politician of a motor show it is simple: here the car new, the person is lovely to you, only take! Take even if there is no money special. Take on credit. All the same kind sheikh periodically writes off credit debts of the citizens by results of financial activity of all country. The United Arab Emirates pump oil, and there any more almost is nothing, but, unlike Russia, the megaincome of oil branch is distributed among citizens of the country. Sharia! Sheikhs consider citizens of the United Arab Emirates as the children for whom it is necessary to care.

One our acquaintance, the local, is engaged in small, in principle, business. Has six cars, and his wives on them drive about if necessary. Wives at it three pieces. In total on a car. Gasoline for the motorist in the United Arab Emirates on our money goes somewhere on 12 rubles beyond AI 95 (!) .

But it is necessary to tell that about 70% of the population are guest workers, but not locals having citizenship of the United Arab Emirates. Here work and there go by a car also natives of Pakistan, Nepal, Fillipin, India, Ukraine and the other countries. On roads of the country likhachat both local, and visitors. Almost everywhere the authorities try to establish video cameras that sharp-sightedly watch drivers.

For example as the driver of the bus at our hotel told if he driving cheerfully stirs with the girl on cellular, then to it the picture by mail can come from a road chamber where this moment is imprinted. Chambers, as well as a lot of things in the United Arab Emirates, up-to-date, with the most powerful zoom, so increase there and range of a road surfacing oh - oh - oh what. The penalty for conversation on cellular driving makes the 5000th dirham, and these are about 1400 dollars or 43 thousand rubles! Miraculously, but I saw more than once how drivers really stir driving by phone. Explained to me that so far there are still “blind“ zones which are not covered with an eye of Omniscience of technologies (chambers), and those who often go on a certain road know these sites. Only there also use cellular driving.

Whether observe traffic regulations in the United Arab Emirates? Surprised me when the car and even the bus with people goes on the road on which there is a sign of restriction of speed in 60 km. On a speedometer of the shooter fluctuates around 120 km/h! Excess twice! But also here, probably, the rule works: there is no police radar on the road - there are no rules traffic regulations also per se.

The tourist should remember that it is very dangerous to go on roadsides of roads to the United Arab Emirates. There are no sidewalks, only small “islands“ covered with a tile at hotels for landing and disembarkation of passengers. In the cities sidewalks too a problem. The pedestrian is not appreciated here. Even in Dubai I really several times became the witness of a situation when people AT the CROSSWALK cannot pass the carriageway because cars move without stopping. There is a woman with a baby carriage on “zebra“, waits for a thorough gap in a steam of cars to pass the highway.

And I so toiled more than once in Dubai: it seems you go a leg toe into the carriageway with “zebra“, and cars go and go. It seems and the person you do terrible, like “pass the pedestrian“, so to you in reply can grin. The compassionate physiognomy also works a little. In order to avoid traumatism I advise to cross the road in Dubai only on traffic lights.

The attitude towards the pedestrian in the United Arab Emirates and to the woman in general is interesting. The matter is that if the local driver will bring down the man on the road, then he is waited by a fine of 15000 dirham. If brings down a camel, then a penalty 8000. And here if woman, then penalty 7000th dirham. So on the sums of penalties it is possible to imagine local sexual hierarchy approximately. Here Sharia and the woman - its not most valuable part reigns, so to say. As well as pedestrian.

Now a couple of words how to move across Dubai on public transport. First of all, we are interested in the subway. In Dubai only two lines. Red - the longest - lasts along almost all city. The second - green - is shorter. Journey to the subway across Dubai is divided into zones.

If you intend to spend one day in the city, then it is the simplest to buy in cash desk of the subway for the 16th dirham the red ticket on all day. He acts 24 hours from the moment of the first pass, and not only in the subway, but also on public transport, and even - attention! - by water buses! It is such counter in the city: the bus on wheels goes at first on the road usual, asphalt, and then - boom - to the canal, and floats! Two in one.

It is important to tourist to remember: you enter the subway - attach the ticket to a circle. But also at the exit surely make the same, otherwise the ticket at the following pass can be blocked. The ticket of red color is convenient for the tourist that itself should not “confuse“ the head with questions to what zone it is necessary to go how many time in a day it is necessary to go down in the subway etc. It is the universal card for days.

In the subway of Dubai it is necessary to follow certain rules. The first: not to be a cow or a bull. That is not to be pushed, not to be stubborn and not to chew! Even for breath refreshing innocent it seems chewing gum the fine of the 100th dirham is necessary. Therefore in the subway of Dubai there are no spitting sunflower seeds of young people, there are no thin cans riding on a floor from - under the cook - stakes. I, for example, only tried to chew a chewing gum in the subway, so the police officer right there made me the remark, but as he of the tourist, did not fine. On the first time as it was noticed.

In general I would advise to move across the Emirates or on a car for rent (50 dollars a day), or by a taxi. To the pedestrian it is heavy here. Local drivers often fly - drive “freaky“. Excess of a limit of speed doubly - a common story. I personally saw how the jeep rushed against all movement on the wide road. Here both cut, and drive in fog when even the bumper of the ahead car is not visible, not always follow rules of a priority. So morning walk along the route for the pedestrian can tragically terminate.

Roads in itself in the United Arab Emirates please the motorist. They are equal as carpet paths in Hollywood. Rustling, it also gives false feeling of safety at high speeds of the movement.

I want to wish to tourists: move across the United Arab Emirates on a car, by a taxi, by the subway, even by buses. But not on foot. You do not lie on the beach day after day, examine this phenomenon - the United Arab Emirates.

This country - a surprising indicator of how the state, having only one oil in an asset and rather honest power of sheikhs, can create so hi-tech pearl which it is the United Arab Emirates.