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How to get rid of stale breath? The stomatologic irrigator hurries to the aid!

Not absolutely fresh breath - not so seldom found phenomenon. The medical term which called this problem - halitoz. At the same time reasons of its emergence the most various. One of main is the violation of health of an oral cavity caused by bad toothbrushing.

the Dental plaque has property to accumulate in hard-to-reach spots and begins to harden. It, in turn, causes caries and formation of a scale. But what to do how to avoid this misfortune? We will be rescued by an irrigator - absolutely new device for the solution of this problem.

All know that there are such places which even the newest brush cannot reach, for example, interdental spaces. All remains of food cannot be cleaned even a tooth thread. For this purpose also the stomatologic irrigator is thought up.

Its case is similar to the case of an electric brush. But tip absolutely other: there are unusual openings, through them on gums or in interdental space water under rather strong pressure is pumped. In parallel with pleasant massage of gums you receive desirable result. Strong and squirts of water well wash away all remains of food, and also a bacterium which are a source of an unpleasant smell.

Except teeth, all mouth is cleaned: gums, language, internal surface of cheeks. Such clearing procedure can be done by simple warm water. If you want to achieve bigger result, then it is possible to add special antibacterial or lechebno there - preventive liquids.

It is important to know and understand that the irrigator is not full replacement to a toothbrush, and only supplements it. The stomatologic irrigator with ease will finish toothbrushing, and also dentures, briquettes, crowns and will add efficiency to your cleaning. But initially main cleaning everything is is carried out by a toothbrush. And subsequently when using an irrigator of a stream of water push out leftovers from all places where the brush could not get access.

At the moment there are irrigators of two types : stationary which are connected to water supply and have adapters on all types of cranes, and portable which can be taken with ease with themselves in the road. In addition to the device there are various nozzles for the most various functions: for massage of gums, for cleaning of interdental space, for cleaning of the basis of language (the favourite place of a congestion of bacteria), most often the fetid odor goes exactly from there. There are also special nozzles for cleaning of artificial limbs and crowns.

Stationary irrigators work from an electric network, and portable from accumulators. Everything depends on requirements and the user`s conditions. If you often travel or are in long business trips, then a portable irrigator - what is necessary. If you do not leave anywhere, then for certain it is possible to get the stationary device. In a stationary irrigator there are more opportunities to regulate ways of spraying, frequency of a pulsation of water and power of a stream. It is also possible to regulate the level of the received noise and vibration.

With pleasure use a stomatologic irrigator and surely communicate with surrounding people, knowing that at you in a mouth everything is all right!