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Beautiful strong nails - the dignity of each girl and woman of

Unfortunately not each girl can brag of the strong nails. Not from - for the fact that she does not watch them, and from - for the fact that they in itself such, structure of nails such. Constantly exfoliate, break also all to work in vain. Girls are come to the rescue by procedure for strengthening of nails gel, bio - gel, acryle (meets, but is one many more rare).

Pluses strengthening of nails gel, bio - gel or acryle:

During the strengthening of nails, gel gives to a cuticle a healthy look that allows to do manicure more rare. Biot`s
- gel acts as a nutritious element for nails that guarantees food by useful substances of nails.
This procedure to leave one many cheaper, than building.
Is leveled a surface of a nail plate.
Because on nails there is an artificial material, a varnish keeps many times longer, than on natural nails
thickness of the most nail plate - a nail stronger Increases and does not break.
Procedure of strengthening of nails

Technology differs from nail extension a little. Preparation of a nail goes standard:

- otshlifovka of a nail

- degreasing of a nail

- the primer without acid (that artificial material kept more strong)

After the executed above-written steps is put to be applied gel, bio - gel or acryle, in one or two layers (everything depends on material) then each layer in a lamp for two minutes is dried (it belongs only to helium materials).

Then we a soft nail file give the final form to a nail and the nail is ready. (At the request of the client it is possible to cover the finish - gel)

we Will note such moment that artificial material is applied completely on all nail, further nails will need correction.

The technology of strengthening of nails gel a little what differs in gel

of the Technician of strengthening of nails from building procedure. It is also necessary to prepare at first a nail (to grind and degrease a plate that gel laid down more exactly and stronger kept). Later the special strengthening gel in 2 layers is applied. Each layer is carefully dried under an ultra-violet lamp within 2 minutes.

The ready nail should be filed a soft nail file (not metal!) for giving of an equal form.

We will note that when strengthening gel is applied on all nail plate. And after a while the strengthened nails need correction as well as increased.