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How it is not necessary to learn English?

“Idit by contradiction. As soon as possible and without looking back“. A mathematical joke for linguists. It is possible to find a set of the most various councils in the Network how it is necessary to learn a foreign language. I suggest to make on the contrary - to learn about how language should not be learned. Read and arrive on the contrary, thanks to Grigory Oster for idea! we will take

as an example studying of English .

1. Try to study English only when you have free time. Why to find minutes during the day on studying of English when the girlfriend needs to make an important call to tell it about what lovely dress you bought on sale, and she, in turn, will complain of the guy or the cosmetologist? Psychological health is much more important, and language it is possible to work during week-end, just after viewing of favourite series, shopping or computer games. Eventually, on show-windows of shops and foreign words - already and “practice of the English spoken language“ occur in the speech of players too!

2. In everything rely on the teacher. you paid him money, so its task - to interest and teach you to speak. You need only to relax in a chair and to wait when English itself begins to sound in your speech in the same way as here now proceeds from lips of the teacher sitting opposite.

3. Never carry out homeworks. Why to spend on them time which is already not enough? The skilled teacher has to enclose knowledge in your head for that lesson which you to it paid. He knows that you have a family, overtime work, a meeting with friends behind a glass of beer and simply “health weak by nature“.

4. Advise the teacher more often as you should be trained. He as well as you, has to know about existence of a technique of “the 25th shot“ or a sleep-teaching. Let follows all modern statements that English can be learned for few months. In its arsenal there has to be that technique which will suit you. Especially if this technique promises to learn English quickly and without efforts. Secretly it is possible to laugh at the tutor which spent so many years for studying of language - how many time he wasted when it was possible just to rummage in the Network and to find “the most effective technique“!

5. On occupations constantly remind the teacher that you have a bad memory, low motivation, a dyslexia, weak attention and sad experience of studying of language in school. It will give to the teacher the chance you once again to regret and to try to help you to master language even more. You do not even represent as far as he will be glad to an opportunity to perfect the pedagogical skill!

6. When the teacher of a foreign language corrects you, do not hurry to repeat after it correctly. you do not scare, eventually! Why in general to correct? It is unethical. Besides, the teacher has to accept your identity. Perhaps years through the 500th all planet will speak as you. Perhaps right now you put a sample of true English for future descendants. It is necessary to seek for progress!

7. Forget about grammar. It is boring and bulky. You are so understood that sellers in shop that street youth in “Afro-American“ quarters. Think better of how together with the teacher to write the letter to the Ministry of Education of Great Britain with the offer to cancel irregular verbs and to make them correct. Especially as the tendency is available. Besides - see point 6.

8. Try to watch only modern Hollywood movies in English. Hollywood is a brand! Hollywood is force! He is a legislator of the real language and big culture. Give preference to youth comedies and horror films. Here where well of actual expressions and interjections!

9. To get rid of a language barrier, to each occupation drink a glass of beer or what is stronger than. Alcohol will allow you to relax and state the thoughts in English without fear and a caution on mistakes. The light spirits smell and gloss of eyes will convince your teacher of that, how strongly you wish to get rid of a language barrier.

10. You sleep less. On light so much interesting! In the modern world the brain experiences such information hunger that only regular lag in social networks and news portals can satisfy it. The brain needs training. Do not allow it to get enough sleep enough, you keep all the time in a tone, and you will see how he will thank you the fact that he at the right time will issue the necessary information - the English word or even the phrase. You somehow time is the word to it fed …

11. Be generous to the teacher. you got stuck in a stopper? You have temperature? Holiday? Business trip? Cancel or transfer class. The teacher will understand. It too person. And it can ache or go on a visit, or leave. Met once a week instead of planned three? It does not matter. Ahead all life, and a swagger - major circumstances not so is a lot of. Concept of discipline of a modern rhythm of life - just archaism. The main thing - enthusiasm and the kind relations.