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Whether the professional can be mistaken? Paradoxical mistakes of translators of

Of course, each of us makes mistakes in work. Some of them can be corrected at once until nobody noticed, on others it is necessary to report to the administration. But who could think that even true professionals who do not the first year favorite thing too sometimes are mistaken! And it is fine if nobody notices this mistake, but is also such which became known for the whole world.

Especially it concerns the translation. Exactly here it is possible to find the most large number unique, and sometimes and just ridiculous mistakes. Many of them were allowed by the large American companies and their translators who did not consider features of language in other countries of the world. So, let`s laugh together!

1. The major American concern on production of cars of General Motors failed, trying to sell in the territory of Latin America one of the models - Chevrolet Nova. And, apparently, that here such unusual? But failure can be explained with the fact that No va in Spanish means “does not go“. Poor inhabitants of Latin America just were afraid to buy such “masterpiece“.

2. Funnier case occurred during the advertizing company of the American Coors beer which was advertized under the slogan “Turn It Loose“ that can be translated as “Be free“. Unfortunately, in Spain this beer did not become a hit from - for a funny translation of this phrase which in this country sounded as “Relax a sphincter“.

3. The similar case happened also in the territory of Germany to deodorants from the Clairol company. Their name Mist Stick (“A foggy deodorant“) just could not be used in Germany, the word “mist“ means “manure“.

4. After introduction in the territory of France of the new production (Cue toothpaste) the Colgate company - Palmolive decided not to sell these goods to French any more. This decision came after they learned that there is a sex magazine with the same name.

5. After the American company Pepsi applied the new advertizing slogan in China, most of Chinese was in the real shock. It can be explained with a mistake of the translator who understood the phrase of “Come Alive With the Pepsi Generation“ (“Live with generation of “Pepsi“) as “Pepsi“ will recover your ancestors“.

6. The ridiculous case happened to the Coca company - Cola which long time could not sell the sweet water in the Chinese market. The matter is that Chinese said the name of drink as “Kekukela“ that means “Bite a tadpole from wax“. Later managers of the company decided to replace the name of production for China with Cocu - Kolya.

7. After the American Airlines airline established new leather chairs on the planes and carried out the advertizing company telling about this event, the number of the Mexicans flying through it was considerably reduced. It is explained by the wrong translation of the phrase of “Fly in Leather“ (“Fly in skin“) which on Mexican sounded as “Flies naked“.

Reading such translations, you understand that in life still jokes and laughter had the place!