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In what phenomenon of the opera “Prince Igor“? The 21st century of

Once upon a time there was professor of organic chemistry A. P. Borodin. Inevitably pulled it to music that was not welcomed by scientific community. As a result he thought up music of the opera “Prince Igor“. The opera was written with breaks of 18 years to the death of the composer.

the First representation took place in 1890 after his death on a scene of the Maryinsky Theater in St. Petersburg. The libretto is written also by A. P. Borodin on materials of the Russian epic poem of the 12th century “Tale of Igor`s Campaign“. What lessons we can learn from this text now?

1. Arius Vladimir Yaroslavovich of the prince Galitsky, brother Yaroslavna :

Only to me to wait for honor,
On Putivla the prince of a sesta,
Ya would not begin to grieve,
Ya would know how to live … it the principality operated
Ya of treasury to them would reduce,
I thoroughly would Live,
on that and the power.

As it is modern! Not to consider examples! I will mention only one - close to me. The first deputy governor of the Novgorod region Arnold Shalmuyev - the defendant in the case about plunders of the budgetary funds in the sum of 35 million rubles intended on construction, repair and the maintenance of highways is arrested. Passable on the old Suzuki on Low-Vishera and Lyubytinsky districts of the Novgorod region, I every time become the ardent Stalinist with an execution wish to this newly appeared bolyarin . Also I modify the aria:

I the province would operate,
Ya of treasury it would reduce,
I of the road to holes turned!

2. Arius of the Polovtsian khan Konchak :

Ah, not the enemy to yours, and the faithful ally,
A the reliable friend, and the brother your
to me it would be desirable to be, you believe me!
you Feel

? Than not a prototype of the Euroasian union and customs agreement between Russia and Kazakhstan!

3. Married the daughter Konchak to the son of the prince Igor with words :

Here to you wife, Vladimir!
Not the enemy you mine,
A son-in-law desired.

I it was not an exception. Let`s list Polovtsian wives of the Russian princes:
- the Polovtsian princess Elena, the daughter Tugorkana, the wife in second marriage of Svyatopolk Izyaslavich, grand duke Kiev in 1093-1113;
- Efimiya Polovetskaya, the wife in second marriage of Vladimir Vsevolodovich Monomakh, grand duke Kiev in 1113-1125;
- the Polovtsian princess daughter Ayepy, the first wife of Yury Dolgorukiy (the founder of Moscow), the prince Rostovo - the Suzdal, grand duke Kiev in 1149-1157; Andrey Bogolyubsky`s mother;
- the Polovtsian princess daughter Beluka, the wife in first marriage of Rurik Rostislavich, grand duke Kiev in 1173-1210 with breaks;
- the Polovtsian princess Svoboda Konchakovna, Vladimir Igorevich`s wife, the prince Putivlsky, Novgorod - Seversk, Galitsky (took part in a notorious campaign on Cumans in 1185, was taken prisoner and returned only two years later, already married to the daughter of the khan and with the small child);
- the Polovtsian princess Yury Konchakovich`s daughter, the wife in first marriage of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, the grand duke Vladimirsky in 1238-1246

Etc. These facts confirm existence russko - Polovtsian symbiosis, but not the relations the aggressor - enslaved. Besides and relatives can be deadly enemies.

In the light of these historic facts, maybe, it is not necessary to worry strongly concerning modern inflow of foreigners on our lands. So was always. The Russian nation always was formed including due to international marriages. I am, for example, a descendant in the tenth knee kadomsky Ivan Vasilyevich Oblesimov`s murza.