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“Spread heat-spots with brilliant green?“ About advantages of a small breast of

How many times that wild phrase “Spread the heat-spots with pharmaceutical brilliant green, will disappear“ under malicious giggling of overripe silly persons to me it was necessary to hear, being a green schoolgirl. And an adult hairdress and - la - Gavroche, and long harmonous legs distracted views anxious with the playing hormones of lewd organisms which on mind had only three subjects of a female body: below a navel and above it. by

It is remembered how it was intolerably a pity when pyshnobyusty beauties in the fitting T-shirts it is proud defiled under lewd views of the growing-up males, and nobody paid attention to my “delights“. Unless with the next jokes about heat-spots and brilliant green.

As then I was silly, taking offense at these bodies filled with the hormones shivering, torn outside whom only one question interested: that there under a skirt both under a brassiere, and who that with maids at them had!

Then I understood it what huge at me (no, not tits) advantages before odnokashnitsa who then, having given rise, lost the delights. Or rather, they at them porastyagivatsya and pootvisat, and now it is necessary to tighten and support their all the time, did not povypadat ABBA inadvertently from nasisny covers. And I it is proud at this time went without any obstacles between a body and a jacket.

It is remembered, the girlfriend who had a fine big breast till the birth of the baby somehow complained. Oh, says how I want a small breast as at you, washing already me just got! I go to bed - for a neck I shower one, another I take cover. All right, when cold, and during a heat to Saviour is not present! The second acquaintance who at school maliciously laughed at my heat-spots, also plaintively a zanyla: aha, you it is good (me, that is), and I here that to dump excess kg, to run in the mornings there were beginnings, so on a chin even bruises filled …

Ah as I quietly gloated over, remembering school offenses … is not present, I am a person, certainly, not angry, but those heat-spots somehow were remembered especially well. Therefore just I am horrified as many nice and slender young women run to lay down under a ruthless knife of the plastic surgeon, trying to increase those delights from which mine so groan once girlfriends proud of them.

If I still did not convince you of advantages of a small breast, let`s talk nevertheless about its advantages more particularly.

1. It is very quietly possible to go without the proklyatushchy bras cutting shoulders and pressing stones in the summer (I cannot suffer them and never I carry!) .
2. The back from carrying these two “buckets“ does not hurt.
3. During any heat does not zaprevat anything anywhere!
4. It is possible to run and jump anywhere and when necessary, and the jelly ahead of you does not shiver.
5. The breast remains small and accurate throughout almost all life.
6. No male will call these objects after the delivery “ears of a spaniel“, and your darling will always admire your maiden breast.
7. If you want to look in any unfamiliar society especially effectively, you can always buy a bra of dense forests - ap and to become the sexiest, and all will stare at your beautiful breast which is seductively appearing under a blouse. And owners 5 - go the size will not be able to hide and reduce it in any way.
8. Statistically - most of men twist novels with pyshnogrudy, and marry … irrespective of the breast size.
9. If you still doubt the appeal from - for the size of two accessories to feeding of the kid, look at the famous beauties. I give examples: Milla Jovovich - you observed something under her blouse though a little sticking out? Paris Hilton - the beauty adored by millions - at all does not suffer from the fact that her breast does not get out as dough, from all openings of a bra, trying to jump out at the most inappropriate moment. And Maxim Vitorgan at all not in a claim to “pharmaceutical heat-spots“ of the secular star Ksyushi Sobchak. There is enough?

And still council finally: if your man stares at the pyshnogrudy beauties who are observed in the district do not mourn and do not make it scandals! Men in general curious, they go begging as we in a zoo, - everything is interesting to them, and they are always ready for something unusual and sticking out to look. Yes let look, and you are all the same best of all (the main thing - most to trust in it then others will believe). It is checked on life experience.

So, the course of the young fighter is passed, now you know that you not at a rate of mammary glands happiness, and can walk with is proud of the raised head in which it is more mind, than at Pamela Anderson in two silicone bags, by any male. And he will notice you - the fact.

Good luck, also know - you are the most sexual!