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What weight loss begins with? From the head!

Summer already not far off, and in this regard at people with curvy shapes arise uncontrollable desire to lose extra kilos. They go on diets, go to gyms, declaring thereby war to excess weight. But every time the opponent is stronger, and fight of lost.

Even those to whom everything is managed to be grown thin and reached desirable effect, as a result again gain the lost kilograms.

needs to be understood that very important role in the course of weight loss, besides healthy food and physical exercises, is played by a psychological factor. Excess weight is only a consequence of some vital problems. First of all, it is necessary to establish the weight increase reason because without understanding of the reason to overcome extra kilos it is almost impossible. But as soon as you will find a source of the curvy shapes, you will be able to get rid of them once and for all, and with little effort.

1. Find the reason.

Often the increase of weight occurs after some considerable change in human life: birth of the child or loss close, marriage or divorce, transition to the new place of work or unexpected dismissal etc. The stressful situation conducts to an overeating, the food is some kind of antidepressant. Especially it concerns supersensitive people who, trying to dull the alarm, loneliness, fear, experiences, anger, begin to eat more and, as a result, to accumulate extra kilos.

Extra kilos according to the logic of things are gathered if the person transfers and, respectively, have to be dumped if does not eat up. However in practice it not always works. It is very often possible to hear the phrase from stout persons: “I eat already almost Holy Spirit, but all the same I do not grow thin“. All the matter is that our subconsciousness finds something positive in excess weight and uses it as protection against the internal conflict.

Let`s say the woman married, as a result of spouses did not meet expectations and it was the loser in her understanding. Naturally, the woman is dissatisfied, she is nervous, constantly abuses the husband, worries, is anxious. Here to you and the internal conflict which she begins to jam something tasty. She puts on weight, and subconsciousness finds a justification to why his hostess lives with the loser, claiming: “To a lump I now, except the husband, such thick is necessary!“ From this point excess weight becomes the element, necessary and useful to an organism, and on whatever diets this woman sat, the result will not be.

Here examples it is possible to give a huge number. But the main idea such is that you need to reveal independently or by means of experts in the field of psychology why it is favorable to your organism to be thick. At successful permission of the such subconscious conflicts decrease in excess weight begins even when the person did not keep to any diet and did not increase physical activity.

2. Be psychologically adjusted.

you do not postpone experience of failures of the past to the future At all. If earlier you already tried to grow thin and at you nothing left, then it does not mean, as now it will not turn out. If you initially do not trust in an opportunity to change, then you in principle lose this opportunity.

Get the diary and list in it all pluses which will appear at you when you lose extra kilos. List also the desires, even the most intimate which realization will become possible after weight loss. The main thing, do not hesitate and be not over-modest! This list in the future will become for you a reminder on what you refuse when you dare to overeat.

In the same diary you can write down the achievements: for example, for the first week threw off two kilograms, began to run in the mornings, the beginnings to eat etc. properly Besides, take for the rule to photograph themselves every month to the utmost and to paste these pictures in the diary. In several months you watch a series of the photos, compare the first photo and the last and you will be able visually to be convinced, you became how better to look. This reception demonstrates efficiency of ongoing efforts and motivates to achievement of further results.

3. Enjoy life. Try to answer with

a question: “Why you want to grow thin?“ The reasons can be different, starting with global: “I want to be healthy!“, and finishing banal: “I want to buy erotic underwear“. Stop to wait for that day when you become harmonous to make what you so wish. Be not afraid to be thick, do not drive yourself into notorious standards and reject complexes. Afford already today what you postponed for later. As soon as you change the relation to life, be exempted from fears, experiences, stesneniye, your body right there will reciprocate to you and will please with the reflection.

Now you know what weight loss begins with, it was necessary things are easy - to start actions. Begin right now: close eyes and present yourself in a slender body, smile mentally to the abstract image and promise to reproduce it in reality in the near future.