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Why the person needs kindness?

“Let nobody and will never come to you, without leaving best of all and more happily. Live expression of divine kindness: kindness in your person, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile“. So the wise woman - mother Theresa spoke. Once in the childhood we were brought up by

on fairy tales in which the good always overcame the evil. We were sure that in life all in the same way. But growing up, began to understand what happens and vice versa. And not always only the good brings the benefit. Having deceived parents (lost money for food), we had an opportunity to buy something tasty. Big children by means of force selected bicycles at small and rode all evening in the pleasure. Even adults on the quiet brought something from work, and we knew that thus the family saves money which will spend then for some purchases... All perfectly understood what word are called such acts, understood that they not kind, but did not pay attention to it, it was favorable to all.

When people begin to think of a question: what in my life the main thing - good or the evil? By what principles I have to live the life? On what beliefs to rely to feel happy and happy with life?

Generally in us everything is put in the childhood. And business even not in what we hear from parents and teachers - children study on a personal example of adults. When, having already become adults, we get to trouble and we receive absolutely disinterested aid then we reflect. Then we understand, kindness in comparison with other human qualities is how valuable. Doing good, the person derives some internal pleasure, pleasure from it.

At one forum I met the statement that “Kindness has the physiological basis:

- physiological need of an organism for pleasure hormone which is produced only at the sight of pleasure of the person to whom you gave part of;

- physiological requirement to give this part... part of the young force, part the got wisdom blood, even part of the difficult money;

- physiological dependence on this substance in blood;

- to give part, to gemmate, breed, to instinctively prolong the life in others“ .

From here it is possible to draw a conclusion that some people inclined to the evil, have no need for kindness hormone.

But not only it is physiologically possible to explain aspiration to do good. Most likely is a state of mind. Many people believe in communication between a situation in the present and a situation in the future. And it is valid, all our actions come back to us a boomerang. “Who helps people, at that and the desires come true“ (the English proverb).

Kindness is inseparably linked with love. Hardly the person envious will hurry to make kind for this purpose to whom he envies. Where there is an envy, there is no love. It is egoism. The true love to people which “does not look for the“ will not lodge in heart of the indifferent and bad person. And here just the kind person is famous for ability to forgive.

People, doing good, first of all seek to change themselves to the best. They cultivate in themselves such qualities as unselfishness, patience, compassion, self-sacrifice, forgiveness, empathy. It also becomes a basis of the person. Doing good, the person brings others huge benefit, begins to see more good, his outlooks on life become more positive, the mood improves and in general it becomes easier to live.

Seek to do good!