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How to choose the partner for creation of a family?

you Dream of the strong relations and happy family life? If to show consideration for the choice of the satellite, it is possible to realize your quite lawful desire. Not to be mistaken, we will try to understand whom you would like to see nearby. Give, without postponing, we will make a portrait of this person.

the Respect, flexibility, ability to go on compromises, a maturity and responsibility - the short list of what it is simple to happy couple not to do without, but is also other important details. Among other things life priorities and sexual compatibility are in the lead. If the list of values of darling differs in order from yours, it is difficult to achieve mutual understanding.

For example, you vanish at work in the days and at the nights, career and providing a family are for you on the first place, and the spouse waits for you at home, taking offense and dreaming of joint leisure. Of course, you will apologize, perhaps, will try to compensate the absence by gifts, but you will not leave work. It is unlikely you change current situation radically. And the sexual dissatisfaction will affect sooner or later both nerves, and on health, and the relations in general.

of Similarity and distinction

Popular wisdom is ambiguous

concerning compatibility - “contrasts are attracted“, “they make a pair“. Perhaps, it is both right in various situations. For example, if both partners are active, like to play sports, it will pull together them, but if both seek for leadership in a family, it will cause the continuous conflicts. On the other hand, when one is not capable to fast decision-making, and the second is ready to undertake everything, to both will be comfortable with each other. Such successful complementarity will allow to achieve bigger success to the shy partner and will allow to prove to the leader.


If appearance of the person pushes away you - it is not the best signal to the beginning of the relations. Also it is not about beauty standards at all - your beloved can be the proud owner of an aquiline nose and a beer tummy. At all the “wealth“ it can be pleasant to you and even to touch the features. But if something in the partner causes disgust, rejection, then it is better not to hurry to continue acquaintance.

Sense of humour

If at partners is not present similar sense of humour, they, of course, can live together, but during the difficult vital periods it will complicate the relations. It is not obligatory for you to joke all day long to consider the family happy, but the understanding of jokes of each other really will not prevent.

Reflect if your jokes, again, do not raise a smile upon the face of your partner. What it can tell about? That you have different views on life and the attitude towards her. Sometimes misunderstanding of humour opens distinctions in education or education.

The laughter over others failures, misses and troubles of other people has to guard you. To a wedding you to a pressure will deride the neigbour Izolda, and after malignant gossip will come also to you sooner or later. Believe, to you it will not be ridiculous.

The excessive quantity of jokes about intersexual distinctions, sex or racism can also specify about problems in these spheres.

Common interests

Existence of the general hobbies is an opportunity to interestingly spend time together, always a ready subject for conversation. When to people well together also is what to talk about - they are happy. In some couples partners share interests with each other. For example, one carries away another skating, and it becomes the general hobby. If interests and hobbies cardinally differ, then it will be more difficult to achieve harmony in the relations.

the Intellectual level and education

Romantic stories about idlers and clear heads happen to this day, but when business approaches acquaintance to friends and parents, it becomes awkward. If the girl has two higher educations, tendency to citing philosophers and love to the use of aphorisms, and the elect it does not know what is “aphorism“, but hesitates to ask - it will be difficult to construct good relations. Matter not so much in diplomas and “crusts“, their absence can be caused by some third-party circumstances how many in mental abilities, inquisitiveness of the person. Psychologists even more often come to a conclusion: the I.Q. is closer, the love union is stronger.


is important to adhere to similar religious views because it is difficult to change them. Religion - the word is not simple, it is the whole cultural system passing through all perception of life. Think whether it will be good under the same roof to the believing person and the atheist? Religious distinctions became responsible for dissonance more than once. Commission of ceremonies, prayers, observance of posts, visit of church or the mosque and, at last, spiritual education of children sometimes become the reason of serious disputes and irritations in a family. the Family of parents


, we have to understand that we will become related not only with the spouse, but also with his family. Even if they live for one thousand kilometers and come time in five years. Parents exert the strongest impact not only on character of the child, but also on his ideas of matrimonial life, distribution of household chores.

If the father of your beloved loved that all tiptoed houses, and after a punch on a table ran up on rooms, it is quite possible that the successor of a sort also seeks for the same “family idyll“. Ask on a family, look narrowly at behavior and the relations between the partner`s parents. But if parents did not have family relations, it does not say that your marriage is doomed to misfortune, the main thing - to analyse their mistakes and not to repeat them in own life.

This subject it is better for

to discuss Views of family life and education of children to a wedding. What do both of you expect from family life? What you see your life, your leisure? Would you like to have children? How many children you want? Do not think that the partner by all means will agree with your point of view. The in more detail you will paint each other a picture of your future joint life, the less unpleasant surprises wait for you in the future. If your plans strongly disperse, then in real life of discrepancies it can appear much more.

the Conflicts

If you yet never quarreled with darling, it does not say that the conflicts between you at all will never be. Most likely, there did not pass that period in the relations when two try to concede in everything each other. But you will see ability of the partner to get out of the disputable situations, to reach compromise and to accept foreign point of view only when your interests in something are crossed. So, saying that you ideal couple, do not hurry with conclusions to a small small party.

Avoid rude fellows, people with the broken mentality and any dependences. Drug addiction, a game addiction and alcoholism do not pass by itself. Do not play a role of the savior where the professional help is necessary. In the period of love it will be solemnly promised to you “to stick“ after receiving a new position, a wedding or the child`s birth. It is worth reflecting: time everything is so simple why now the person continues to spoil life to himself and others. Of course, there are rare exceptions, but, as a rule, “after“ a situation is only aggravated.

One dreams and lists here not to get off. Dismiss ideas that to you never to meet “such person“, and go to him towards. More often you leave the house, be engaged in what you love, find adherents, visit theaters, exhibitions, dating sites and other places where you can meet the ideal. Believe in yourself! Our happiness in our hands!