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How to cope with a postnatal depression?

Unfortunately, life of the woman is after the delivery rather monotonous. It includes both a constant sleep debt, and eternal cares of that the kid grew healthy and happy. Also it seems, here it is happiness! But gradually you begin to understand that life is filled only with gray paints and each new day is similar on previous, as like as two peas. Here the so-called postnatal depression with which to cope sometimes rather difficult also begins

. What saddens pleasure of motherhood and how to struggle with bad mood?

First of all, newly made mother is frightened the appearance. Of course, there are also such lucky women who right after childbirth can put on safely the old jeans, but them, unfortunately, it is not enough. Of course, the ugly figure begins to concern strongly, you do not feel attractive any more. What to do in such situation? First of all it is necessary to understand that now it is impossible to go on a diet, especially, if you nurse the child. Though here it is necessary to remember that there is no need is for two. Do artistic gymnastics which can be carried out with ease even of the house when the kid fell asleep, or on the platform while you walk with the child.

Except need to lose extra kilos, you should get accustomed to the appearance and it is correct to look after her. Remember how you looked earlier? Faultless manicure, beautiful make-up, laying. Today you are in time unless to wash and clean teeth and that not always. Than to help with this situation? Sit down and think, really you lack time for yourself or just laziness already to be engaged in care of the appearance? Always there will be five minutes to make beautiful nails which will not disturb you in everyday life. With a hairdress, of course, it is more difficult, but here it is possible to ask the hairdresser what laying requires least of all care and attention.

The constant physical fatigue is considered not less important reason of emergence of a postnatal depression. The constant care of the child exhausts and deprives of the last forces. On a female organism such loading with which to cope often leans happens too hard, and here also the kid cries and does not want to fall asleep. What to do in that case? As a rule, if nothing hurts the child, but he begins to be capricious, so to him special attention is required. But how to arrive if you literally are ready to drop? It is possible to give, of course, the kid in caring hands of the grandmother, but if there is no such opportunity, lay him in the bed and have a sleep together with him. And you will a little have a rest, and the child will sleep.

The arising sense of guilt can be one more cause of a depression, it is rather frequent, especially minutes of fatigue and irritation, mothers are visited by thoughts of what they strongly hurried with pregnancy. And it, as a rule, develops later into sense of guilt. The main thing in that case - to calm down, there is nothing criminal that you badly feel. It is very important to establish sincere and emotional balance, you can make shouts even worse.

Also try to give at least sometimes the kid in caring hands of the grandmother with the grandfather. To feel all pleasure of motherhood, it is necessary to have a rest sometimes from it.