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You use cosmetic ice? In the summer - it is a high time for

If we want to keep products fresh - we place them in the refrigerator. If we want to postpone for longer term, at the same time having kept freshness, then we put in the freezer. Why not to use ice and on advantage of the appearance?

Summer - the most suitable time for use of cosmetic ice. Skin perceives it normally, feelings pleasant. What pleasure during a heat to feel cold on skin! In the winter with ice it is necessary to be more careful - it is possible to overdry skin and not really - that it in cold time is pleasant, though it is useful in small doses.

First of all, cubes of ice wipe, of course, a face. And it is strict on massage lines. Contact of a small piece of ice with skin should not exceed two seconds, otherwise skin can be overcooled and chilled. Ice has to move on skin all the time. All procedure can last from five to ten seconds. It depends and on your type of skin: fat skin can be wiped with ice longer and more often, to two times every day, dry - individually, no more than five seconds and, perhaps, not every day. After wiping by ice it is better to moisten dry skin with a soft cream or oil. It is not obligatory to moisten fat skin often. If skin normal - too it is possible to use often ice, without forgetting to humidify as necessary. With sensitive skin it is necessary to be very careful: perhaps, ice not for you.

In general, speaking “to humidify“, often mean creams / fluids / serum. Actually, no creams and even oils humidify. They only feed skin and soften its top layers, in certain cases creating effect of accumulation and by that do skin softer. And it seems to us that this moistening.

Only water can humidify.

Especially it is useful for b to use water in the frozen look: ice both humidifies, and refreshes at the same time. Whether it is worth reminding that in the summer the ladies watching the appearance have to have water (grass, thermal, simple cleared) with themselves always. Water it is necessary to drink, freeze and use ice and just to splash water on the person, a body and hair.

Besides the person, it is possible to wipe with cubes of ice both a neck, and a decollete zone from time to time. But with these zones follows carefully to address. If you already the person tempered also use ice practically for all body, nevertheless avoid area of mammary glands on a body, a stomach and area around eyes on a face.

One more important caution: cannot apply ice on skin with sick vessels, with the expressed vascular setochka. In this case - already late. And vice versa: if you want to prevent vascular asterisks, as well as opposite reddenings on skin - begin to use ice at young age when your skin is still quite healthy.

Than cosmetic ice is useful? its Regular use considerably strengthens, tones up, refreshes, smoothes skin, increases its elasticity. Also ice narrows pores, levels complexion and has some lifting - effect. Ice will calm skin, for example, after a mask from clay. Will remove puffiness after a dream or will clean fatigue traces from your face. For a while will eliminate an itch from stings of insects. Yes will just cool after hot day.

Main property of cosmetic ice: its regular use prevents emergence of wrinkles and helps to keep youth of your skin.

Recipes of preparation of cosmetic ice - a set. can make Ice grassy. According to your type of skin choose a grass or mix of herbs. Dry skin perfectly will suit a camomile (it in general suits all), a sage, an issopovy grass, parsley (which, besides, bleaches), petals of roses and many other things. Mix of herbs is filled in with boiled water, insisted, cooled, spilled on molds - and in the freezer.

For fat skin is suitable the same camomile, a calendula, buds of a birch. Possibilities of the choice are unlimited. Herbs and flowers also well great variety is known. For normal skin it is possible to use any grass, at your choice. Pour just green tea in molds - such ice will perfectly refresh, will remove puffiness in the morning, and black tea will pull together a time.

Ice can be prepared also from fresh juice of berries / fruit / vegetables. Cherry, a tomato, a cucumber and not only - assistants to fat skin. Plum, raspberry, an apricot soften effect of ice with the nutritious properties therefore perfectly will be suitable for dry skin. If you have a normal skin , then use that you want and though strawberry - suits all.

Dream, try and look for the means.

There is also an intolerance of ice at some people. Cases when from simple wiping of skin the head began to hurt ice strongly are known. Therefore if you were never engaged in such “cryotherapy“ earlier, begin very carefully. And if used earlier and forgot - immediately remember.

Just cold water and contrast rinsings also give tremendous effect. Wash alternately cold, warm water, the last rinsing has to be cold water. Such procedure strengthens vessels, helps to prevent emergence of vascular asterisks, strengthens skin and increases its elasticity. The same is possible (and it is necessary!) to do also for a body, by means of a shower.

Try contrast compresses from infusions of herbs. Cut off two pieces of a gauze of the size of your person. Prepare infusion of a grass, suitable for your skin. In one ware it has to be cold (will help to cool it quickly ice, identical on structure), and in other infusion let remains warm. And in turn impose a cold compress, warm. By the way, for area around eyes you can not worry: such procedure can be done separately and for it.

Summer - the most favorable time for such procedures. If competently to conduct a “ice“ cosmetic summer course and to repeat it every year - you will look on all hundred, irrespective of age. What voice-frequency means can be compared from natural color, fresh and equal face skin? Let the age go the own way, and we will remain young and beautiful!